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    [–] Game Idea xavierwest888 1 points ago in gameideas

    I feel this reply was much more informative than the original post which is a common trait in people posting here, they give too many pointless details and not enough key ones.

    Having said that, even using the LOL metaphor, all PvP is percentage chance, I don't think there's many situations in PvP where you 100% win regardless of whatever you and your opponent do. That just boils down to risk management which is again, a very common gameplay loop component.

    You are right, I was in a hurry when I wrote that comment so it comes across as more mean than I intended, I apologise for that. I wanted to be curt but fair not rude.

    I do feel that there is some seeds of an idea there though, you should go away and mull it over for a little longer, think the gameplay through a little bit and work on explaining it in a short, detailed way and post again and I bet you'll get a considerably more interested reply.

    [–] Why do so many jobs require that they be your main priority even when they don't earn it? xavierwest888 37 points ago in NoStupidQuestions

    Agree with the ploy to make you feel like you owe them but unless you're in the top 1% of skilled employees you're almost certainly expendable which is why companies CAN and WILL treat you like garbage and expect total obedience. They know that if you have a problem with it you can just leave and they will find literally anyone on the street that will take your place, and as they will be a new employee they can pay them less and give them less bonuses like extra holiday time.

    It's a sellers market, there are more people wanting good jobs than people offering so the public have zero power and companies have all the power (again, unless you are something ridiculously skilled like a consultant for one type of machine / process and there actually isn't anyone else in the world that can do what you do).

    [–] Ideas for a pet game xavierwest888 1 points ago in gameideas

    Something something realistic dragons?..

    [–] Game Idea xavierwest888 2 points ago in gameideas

    This is a very long winded way of saying you like PvP games....

    Also despite you spending MANY paragraphs talking about making decisions etc you list nothing about why a player WOULDN'T kill another player, indirectly they are competing for the same money you are and directly killing them gains you their money.

    You really need to think the entire concept through from a players perspective and what your gameplay loop is.