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    [–] Anyone else hugely prefer the pump meta over this garbage shotgun spam?! xbonesawx 0 points ago in FortniteCompetitive

    I'm an A-1 Bot and I have no fucking clue who this new combat shotgun was supposed to cater to. The pump pissed me off but I know the only way I was going to get killed by it is if I let someone get close enough, or if they out-aimed me. This new combat shotgun is a goddamn travesty and Epic should be ashamed of themselves. I hated getting 1-pumped as much as the next guy but a shotgun battle should never come down to chance, or whoever has a quicker trigger finger. You should also never get killed from the same distance as an SMG or AR with a close-range gun. A shotgun SHOULD have a counter, and the only counter to it (which literally only exists early-game, or with players that don't have shield) is a pistol. If you use a shotgun and have poor aim, or miss a shot, I should have the ability to melt you with a drumgun, pistol, tac-shotty, or almost any other gun with a decent fire rate. It makes no sense whatsoever that someone can get 2-4 shots off with a shotgun without getting killed. Even someone with sketchy aim should win a fight if whoever is using a shotgun makes a mistake or has potato aim. The pump was a risk/reward, close range gun.

    I honestly couldn't even tell you the last time I was killed by anything other than this ludicrous pile of dog shit. This gun is also completely screwing up progression. I was never a great builder and I have no desire to invest the time into becoming a 90's junkie or someone who flex-edits for their 11 twitch viewers. No one cares. I do however accept that I will lose games to skilled players if my tactics can't compete. But now, what's worse, is there's no incentive to me trying to learn different things or get better at certain mechanics. Why practice building or edit strats when someone who is fortunate enough to have one of these shotguns, or natural high-ground, can spray me 3 times before I've even tracked them? Why would I engage in a build battle of sorts with another player when the rest of his team can be anywhere within 60 tiles, shotgunning me from out-in-the-open? Don't get me started on 3rd party situations now...

    Bottom line, I could tolerate ballers, I didn't even care about the drumgun coming back in all it's OP glory because I could work around it. Slip-streams and 500 different grenade-type weapons are all things I could hate but live with... but nothing since the this game started has ever TAKEN THE FUN RIGHT OUT of this game like this stupid, proposterous, asinine gun has.

    [–] Hey Epic, don't forget about us Canadians, eh? xbonesawx 2 points ago in FortNiteBR

    The world Canadian bureau cares. So how bout you shut your mouth when you’re talking to me.

    [–] Trying to find a brand of Jamaican Patty that the 7/11 used to carry! xbonesawx 1 points ago in ottawa

    It's definitely not this packaging and I've bought the Patty King cases at the grocery stores, and the taste isn't it for sure. I might have to check out that Quickie though.

    [–] PSA to event organizers: please don’t ask musicians to play for free. xbonesawx 1 points ago in ottawa

    Hobby bands are a dime a dozen and they're doing it for fun. Maybe some bands have aspirations of making it farther, getting signed etc... but that doesn't warrant you getting paid $200 to play cover songs for a couple hours. A band with a label, or a band that's considered professional in some way, will have management and agents, with contracts and/or riders. If you're an organizer planning an event with 15 bands and using music as a centerpiece, then yes, you should be planning to fork out an amount of money based on the talent you're 'buying' for that amount of time. You can choose to have openers, hobby bands who will likely play for fun or for a couple beers, but you'd be an idiot to think you're getting a lineup full of professional bands for free (unless it's some sort of charity show). Now, if you're a bar owner, and you're just looking to have an ACDC cover band in for a couple hours on a Friday night, then no, you're not a villain if your stance is to not pay them. Bands like that are doing it for fun, and although it'd be nice to give them a few bucks, some nachos and a few pints, bands like that shouldn't be demanding that their 'services' be paid for. Don't act like your leisure band is anything more than a time-filler (a fun one) and that you're working.

    I mean, that's like me asking the staff at the arena to pay me for playing rec hockey on Wednesday nights. I'm no pro, it's not work, it's a hobby. You don't deserve to, or automatically get paid just because you're in a band.

    [–] PSA to event organizers: please don’t ask musicians to play for free. xbonesawx 1 points ago in ottawa

    This conversation gets grey pretty quick when you start grouping in hobby-bands with professional musicians, and when you blanket bar/DIY shows with larger events all together. These could not be more different and there are different arguments based on what the actual event is.

    [–] Center Block will be closed for tours for 10 years!! xbonesawx 0 points ago in ottawa

    Who the hell goes to tour parliament several times a year?!

    [–] TSM Myth Needs To Adapt ;) xbonesawx 2 points ago in FortNiteBR

    Hey, clown, me again...

    Yeah... your first few comments... whatever. You're just re-barfing the same things over again and re-using my sweet burns. Also, jokes on you, I'm 150 and invented the internet.


    Who cares if he had 10 kills? It's a survival game, not fucking deathmatch. If he has 98 kills and the winner has 1, he lost. The ultimate goal is the win, and if you're in duos/squads, teamwork matters more than thirsty play. He wasn't aware, he didn't protect himself, he got outplayed whether you want to accept that or not. It wasn't pretty, and it's not the best way to go... but the dude cried like an olive over his own inability to adapt and overcome 'bot plays'.

    [–] TSM Myth Needs To Adapt ;) xbonesawx 3 points ago in FortNiteBR

    Holy cow, man. I can't believe how dumb you are.

    Of course I'm not 100, I would have thought the oozing sarcasm was obvious with that. The point was that yes, I'm a lot older than he is, which means your comment was garbage. But sure, let's drag that part of the argument out since it matters so fucking much to you.

    I've tried reading your post 4 or 5 times now and I honestly can't even understand what you're saying. It's probably because you're a clown. I should have known better. If my sarcasm and opinion over another player really hurt your feelings this badly, there are people you can call for that. Help is out there, dude, stop being angry.

    I don't care who you sub to or what you do on social media. Stop taking things so literally and feeling like it needs a 1942 beach-defense. I also don't give two shits about people who want to stream or play games for money. It's a hell of an age we live in that that's even possible but please understand, in that little snowball brain of yours, that JUST BECAUSE YOU'RE A STREAMER, doesn't justify you being a goddamn baby EVERY TIME YOU DIE. Myth, although he isn't the only one, is a giant baby. No one is refuting his skill level, but the dude is a baby.

    And of course... another one of you streamer apologists can't literally go 5 seconds without bringing in how many kills they had, how much shield they didn't have, how they died, RNG and whatever else... none of that shit ever matters in a game where chance/luck plays a factor. He could have 1 kill or 40 kills, perfect loadout and shield or 12HP, he fucking sat there in the open trying to be a gangster with his deagle, and a beautiful black panda rekt him in a fantastically unconventional way. And it was excellent. Defend him all you want, defend that playstyle all you want... he was clapped. Defend his reaction, or all the other toxic reactions when it comes to something outside the box, it won't change anything.

    You're a baby, too. I hope all the panda bros have balloons and snipers for the rest of the season and continue tapping all these streamers.

    [–] TSM Myth Needs To Adapt ;) xbonesawx 7 points ago in FortNiteBR

    Another clown makes its appearance. First of all, I’m like 100. Myth is probably still in diapers regardless of his bank account. You can be a gamer your entire life but that doesn’t warrant complaining about getting killed, easily, in a battle royale game where survival is the point of the game.

    I played C&C and TFC as a pro for years, does that mean when I get heavy sniped in Fortnite that I get to rant about how every weapon or utility is a joke?

    I love how defensive you got over this. Do you get cash back for subbing to all of Myth’s media pages? Only an absolute idiot would defend what happened in this clip.

    [–] TSM Myth Needs To Adapt ;) xbonesawx 89 points ago in FortNiteBR

    That’s the issue with half of these pro clowns. Their one-track mind of build battle + pump is the only thing they can accept. He stabilized out in the open with no protection to take a deagle shot... he deserved all of that snipe.

    [–] I'm also quitting xbonesawx 1 points ago in FortniteCompetitive

    Nah, you loser, I'll literally just stretch my res, add TTV to my name, put on my skeletor skin and boom.. I'll crush every lobby in the tourny. Then my opinion will matter because I'll be 2 siq.

    [–] I'm also quitting xbonesawx 1 points ago in FortniteCompetitive

    There's a difference. Allowing something in a tournament, that isn't an original setting, means that it's subject to change at any given time. They allow all kinds of things or add things into the game every week but things get removed, vaulted or changed. The point is that stretched res could be viewed as an advantage, having several people using different res's is something that brings unbalance to the game. Everyone using native is on even ground, it's ridiculous to me that people are getting mad about a level playing field.

    [–] I'm also quitting xbonesawx 1 points ago in FortniteCompetitive

    That's where your comments make no sense, though. They aren't treating you like shit. How in the hell can you possibly say that a company who is dishing out MILLIONS OF DOLLARS to players, is treating them like shit? Because you have to play on native like everyone else? Because you don't get shield off kills? I just don't get the idea that you can sit there, with a chance at winning 'life changing money', yet call the people who are giving you that money 'trash' or whatever else.

    Epic doesn't owe you or any comp player anything. Arena is new, they've consistently been making changes to add more ranked systems and competition into this FREE game yet every damn one of you people keep complaining. There's no end, there's no pleasing you guys, and it's completely backwards thinking to think that you're the reason Epic is successful. The casuals outnumber you by a longshot, and they're playtime/spending is what keeps them profitable and IT'S THE REASON YOU GUYS GET TO COMPETE FOR MILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN THE FIRST PLACE.

    All your bitching is misguided and everything you complain about is actually something that would undermine the foundations of which are fucking paying you in the end. It's amazing how shortsighted the comp scene is, the egos, the entitlement, the 'I matter more than the casual' attitude... it's idiotic and it's painful at how obvious it is that it's the comp community and streamers taking to social media that is ruining the entire scene.

    Anyone who plays this competitively or considers themselves anything other than casual is supposed to adapt, that's all there is to it. How they can blame Epic for making changes to a game that they make changes to every week is beyond stupid. If you're dumb enough (not you, but anyone this pertains to) to grind this game for hours, weeks or months with settings that YOU KNOW CAN CHANGE ANY TIME, then you did it to yourself.

    [–] I'm also quitting xbonesawx -1 points ago in FortniteCompetitive

    Nah, it won't. It's a fine line between people who 'play comp', and who are actual pros. Even then, it doesn't really matter because a lot of qualifiers are open, meaning you, me or anyone can play comp Fortnite.

    The comp scene is absolutely not going to save this game because like I already said, you make up the minority. Streamers and comp players are a dime a dozen and it doesn't matter how many of you complain or quit because the 12 year olds that watch you are going to just watch someone else.

    Comp games don't have any staying power in BR games, they never will. That's what you fools don't understand, and furthermore, you don't get that the casual player means more to this game than you ever will.

    You are outnumbered by millions. You get a chance to make significant money and still complain. It's trash mindsets like this that make communities toxic. You're a nobody and I know you 'pros' have egos that are too big to get that.

    [–] I'm also quitting xbonesawx -2 points ago in FortniteCompetitive

    Yeah, idiot, that’s the point. It’s attitudes like yours who have single handedly ruined Fortnite, not the devs rolling out hamster balls.

    The best part is how oblivious people like you are as to how things actually work, and that casuals outnumber comp players by an insane margin. Every update changes things for literally everyone who plays the game. The difference is people like you treat the game and company like garbage because they aren’t catering to everything you want, when you want it.

    [–] I'm also quitting xbonesawx -3 points ago in FortniteCompetitive

    Have fun playing somewhere else, idiot. You talk a hard game but guaranteed you’ll keep playing.

    [–] I'm also quitting xbonesawx -1 points ago in FortniteCompetitive

    Yeah you guys are really great for the community. Threaten to leave because a free game doesn’t roll out the red carpet for you when really, you should shut up and adapt to the game and what it brings. Nobody gives a shit about you leaving and just like the rest of you entitled, lazy babies, Epic won’t and shouldn’t ever cater to your bs ideas.