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    [–] Our rock friend is picking a flower for his lady so cute xbonesawx 18 points ago in FortNiteBR

    These rock peeps are literally the only good thing about Fortnite the past few seasons. Their love doesn't faze, or ghost shoot, or ride a ball around until the last circle. They also didn't take Risky, Flush, Wailing, or Moisty from us. They just rock.

    [–] Do NOT nerf the heavy sniper. xbonesawx 0 points ago in FortNiteBR

    But you realize that that's a problem. There shouldn't be 30 people in the end game. That means building and mats need to be nerfed. What the hell is the point of battle royale if 20-30 people are tunneling and turtling away from each other in the end game. That's lame, that's stupid, that ruins the game. This game should present tons of scenarios and uniqueness every single game, not engineers building sky-high and one-track-minded pumpers.

    [–] Do NOT nerf the heavy sniper. xbonesawx -7 points ago in FortNiteBR

    These comp jokers just want 25 people end game turtling up in builds. It's such a joke and the complete opposite of what this game should be. It sucks that they complain so much and they're literally the reason this game ever became toxic.

    [–] Do NOT nerf the heavy sniper. xbonesawx 8 points ago in FortNiteBR

    You know what, this is actually the first sensible reaction as far as nerfing the gun goes. It actually makes a ton of sense. It would literally be the only respectable compromise between the lovers and haters.

    [–] Do NOT nerf the heavy sniper. xbonesawx 1 points ago in FortNiteBR

    Simple mind.

    Lazy = I play one way, 400 mat rush, pump Sweaty Players = Players that only play one way, overbuilding, and only using the same shooting tactics

    Meaning, the typical player of this nature refuses to adapt to or play any other way, while a more average player makes use of different items in-game, and tries killing other players with more than pumps.

    [–] Do NOT nerf the heavy sniper. xbonesawx -1 points ago in FortNiteBR

    That mentality makes no sense, though. A) why would you want to give any of your enemies a chance? B) if you're aim is good, and you're good with a sniper rifle, then that's your own advantage and you should use that. C) there are tens of millions of players and they all fit into a category one way or another... ie; some people like to build, some people like to edge, some like distance in their battles etc...

    The current wave of elitist player is going to burn 500 in mats just to get above you and like clockwork he is going to have a shottie and likely dropping some SMG action on you right after. They also probably have something looney like boogeys or dynamite, and probably redeploy. So... given that most players are getting killed by this type all the damn time, are we going to nerf everything they use? Nerf shotguns and watch this sub absolutely blow the hell up with rage.

    So we need to lower damage on a single gun because it SOMETIMES kills higher level players? That's is literally dogshit, and absolutely ridiculous. If the mindset of sweaty players is for everyone else in the world to get better, then this take should have it's place, too.

    [–] Do NOT nerf the heavy sniper. xbonesawx 30 points ago in FortNiteBR

    Then that's just another major difference between games you play, and games I play. I rarely come across anyone, especially with the recent changes, that has 150hp or less. It almost never happens, especially mid-late game. Given how many ways there are to get health and shield now, there's actually very little reason to not have 155+.

    Agreed that the bloom system is fine. I actually think that people underestimate how good this game is WITH it and how absolutely phucked this game would be with recoil.

    That salty little attack is unwarranted but that's the typical ego of a 'sweaty player'. I've played higher stakes games but I don't puke that into people's faces like it matters. It's a goddamn free battle royale game, playing it, regardless of how big the game's dick is, doesn't make you matter any more than little Johnny who likes to crush some disco domination in his after school hours.

    I mean, if you're complaining that a sniper can eliminate you with one shot, and that's a problem with the game, then literally this entire game is trash by that mentality. A pump can kill you in one shot, fall damage from an unlucky grapple will kill you, a glitch in building can phase you out and you'll die falling, if two people land close to each other and one guy gets a shottie... you're back to the lobby. So really, every single time anyone ever loses or dies, it's never their fault. That's the overwhelming sickness of this game. This is what makes the game toxic and shitty to play. Who cares if you made it to top 5 and you got sniped... it sucks but move on and play another round. Blame bloom, or RNG, or Snipers, or Sweats, or whatever you want... but the majority of the time you're your own reason as to why you died. You're playing up to 99 other people with a wildly diverse map, with an insane set of weapons and items. Don't shit on heavy snipers or label anyone who uses them as clowns because you have a one track mind and can't cope with a game that can defeat you in many different ways.

    Edit: Spelling

    [–] Do NOT nerf the heavy sniper. xbonesawx 1 points ago in FortNiteBR

    Just out of curiosity, why does it bother you so much that people either camp or fort up with distance weapons? Everyone has a different playstyle, that's fair, but why is this tactic something that annoys you? It's a survival game, right? If anything, being too hungry and only thinking about eliminations is the exact opposite of the point of a battle royale. I'd say a lot of people get fed up with getting ramp-rushed, or sprayed by 3 guys with P90's, but that's a reasonable irritation because that's actually difficult to deal with. One or a few guys playing the distance game at least gives you that exact comfort; 'distance', and you'd think it would be easier to play against those people, or at least according to the elitists in this sub, these bots.

    [–] Do NOT nerf the heavy sniper. xbonesawx 12 points ago in FortNiteBR

    Then nerf shotguns as well. I've lost a million battles due to being one-pumped when if I had that extra split second in between the opponent having to take a second shot, I'd win more fights. Is that rational? In the eyes of many, probably not... it'll just be 'get better' or 'shotguns require skill'. Yet you can counter a snipe by literally just not standing still or being a clown.

    [–] Do NOT nerf the heavy sniper. xbonesawx 1 points ago in FortNiteBR

    It's harder to hit a body shot with a sniper rifle from long range than it is to hit a headshot with a shotgun in tight.

    [–] Do NOT nerf the heavy sniper. xbonesawx 3 points ago in FortNiteBR

    The free vending machines and buried treasure isn't helping things either. Everyone has a HS or scar in the end game now. That's a huge issue IMO.

    [–] Do NOT nerf the heavy sniper. xbonesawx -8 points ago in FortNiteBR

    Honestly, this is only an issue early game when nobody has a lot of shield in which case a grey tac can take you out just as easy. I rarely come across any player, especially with the newly installed kill bonus, that doesn't have over 150 shield. Mid to end game, especially when every lobby is packed with good to pro players, it's incredibly uncommon to find anyone with less than 150. Even myself, a non-hungry, non-overbuilding player almost always has 155+ health.

    With shrooms, heals, all these damn treasure chests AND the kill bonuses.. there's more shield now than ever IMO.

    [–] Do NOT nerf the heavy sniper. xbonesawx 20 points ago in FortNiteBR

    So then why doesn't this argument work for any other gun? How are you claiming that there's no validity to a snipe killing you in one shot when someone with worse aim can kill 1-4 people with a shotgun in the time it takes to reload the heavy sniper?

    How, in your head, does it make any sense that a shotgun can do the same thing (with more gun options to choose from, and for people who have worse aim)? How is this even a sensible argument?

    I 'actually' play the game, and it takes more skill to kill someone with a sniper than it does a shotgun yet you're not crying over that.

    [–] Do NOT nerf the heavy sniper. xbonesawx 9 points ago in FortNiteBR

    Are you seriously going to sit here and argue that it's easier to counter a shotgun and/or AK than it is to counter a snipe? What's someone going to do if they get shot for 157 from 200m? They're going to turtle up, take their time and heal. If they're head-shotted then too bad, they got rekt. If I get one-pumped by almost every shotgun in the game, I'm dead, or panicking, or forced to maneuver around like I'm in circle du soleil just to take a mini. And don't even get me started on AK's... with a little luck or bloom, you can be 3 shotted into dust and have to build your way out of trouble because you're likely getting pushed immediately. You can counter a snipe by literally using any cover, jumping, or building a single goddamn wall. Countering close range guns that can kill you EASILY in one-shot, is nowhere near the same thing and significantly harder to do.

    Let me put it this way... people die to shotguns primarily. If you're getting killed by a snipe, or a body-shot snipe causes you to lose the game, YOU'RE THE BOT in that situation. There's no two ways about it. As a casual player, I rarely get killed via a snipe and any time I get taken down for 150, I've got friggin 20 minutes to heal because the sniper is nowhere near me.

    [–] Do NOT nerf the heavy sniper. xbonesawx 13 points ago in FortNiteBR

    Imagine in the pop ups, farming for half the game, gaining position, playing tactically, and getting melted in 3 quick shots from a blue AK, or running into a camper and getting one-tapped by a shotty...

    Yeah, let's not 'balance' things because they don't conform to your playstyle. If sniper rifles are one of the few sanctuaries players have to counter or outplay people who think this game is deathmatch and not about tactics/survival, then you have no business making any comment.

    [–] Do NOT nerf the heavy sniper. xbonesawx 0 points ago in FortNiteBR

    Is that why almost every pro or semi-pro player has one in their loadout? And you calling sniper users "bots" is the same as casual players calling builders and shotgun users "sweats".

    You're actually kind of a dink.

    [–] Do NOT nerf the heavy sniper. xbonesawx 1587 points ago in FortNiteBR

    All these clowns crying about a heavy sniper destroying walls in one shot, but probably creamed their pantaloons when deagles did the same.

    Anyone who says sniping is easy is an elitist moron. Close range tryhards think everyone who doesn’t build battle are just shooting random sniper shots into the middle of the map and killing people.

    People get lucky with shots but I guarantee you that even good snipers are missing more shots than they make (PC players to a lesser extent). And the difference between one-shot kills in snipers over shotguns is astronomically different.

    All these jokers want is unlimited mats, build fights and shotgun/smg metas. They can’t hit AR shots... it’s blooms fault. They get sniper for playing unaware... bot sniped them. It’s like clockwork with some of these players. Unless you build and pump, you’re a shit player and that mentality has to change. If you get dumped on in any other way that isn’t part of your tunnel vision mentality, that’s your fault for being bot-like yourself.

    It’s not snipers that need a nerf, it’s all you raging twitch kids who need a goddamn ego check.

    [–] Edited version of the old meta chart. [chart by u/8Bitmemes, edited by u/TrickedKnight] xbonesawx 6 points ago in FortNiteBR

    I'm trash at this damn game and I have 40 wins this season. If anyone on PS4 or XB wants to pop in with me and a few of my regulars when we have room, feel free to drop your tag. Be forewarned, though, we're not going to build battle every crew we come across, we're not going to only land in Retail or Salty, and whether we get 1 kill or 10, we literally don't give two shits.

    We can get by with our minimal build skills but we usually have pretty decent aim, great communication, and tactically/positionally we're almost always on point. We also don't "take the L" on anyone, unless they're being dildos. When the duo or squad isn't greedy and shares guns and heals when they're found, it goes a long way. Also, let the soccer skins build out of the server, I win most of the battles with low ground because half these clowns can't aim or they lose track of me down low. Also, you should never be afraid to just gtfo. It's a lot easier to worry about a player with an ego on your own terms rather than competing for high ground against ultra sensitivity and redbull. It's not easy to win, even 99 other total clowns in your lobby would be hard. But I see a lot of players who never win or go seasons without any sort of result and I would like to help, especially if any players feel like they can't match up with anyone decent, or they don't have any buddies that play.

    PS: I will happily give up my blue, purple or gold pump, even my scars for lesser versions of those weapons... but you better hook a brotha up with that hunting rifle or any of those tasty snipers.

    [–] I help the other players to complete their cannonball challenge xbonesawx 1 points ago in FortNiteBR

    A kind soul helped me liked this today but it was at around kill 98 of the LTM so I couldn't thank him when he came back. People like you should get like 50 v-bucks or something just for being decent people. I have been paying it forward throughout the day. Keeping a ridiculously stupid challenge like this wholesome is all we have.

    [–] Respawn Van Locations xbonesawx 0 points ago in FortNiteBR

    I’m just going to flat out put this out there because this is getting ridiculous.

    All you jokers who think that your entire squad, or all 100 players need 50 different ways to survive, increase health/shield easily, res or rev teammates are just plain idiotic.

    You’re dropping with up to 99 other players. If you land and don’t get a gun... too bad. If you get a pistol and someone else gets an RPG... too bad. If you play cautious and land in a corner but 2 teams show up and you lose half your crew... too bad. And if you’re kill hungry and get eliminated due to your ego in 15 seconds... too. fucking. bad.

    The entire point to battle royale is survival. Not everyone deserves a scar or thic-ass pump, I don’t care if you only find grey weapons (which is the entire goddamn point of rarity colours) in the first 2 chests you open. You’re severely misunderstanding how things work.

    You’re responsible for your drop, loadout management, tactics and survival. It’s not the games fault. If one of your squad mates drops at a house on the other side of pleasant and dies because the other 3 can’t get there fast enough... that’s your own shitty decision and you’re to blame.

    Everyone wants easy farming, unlimited heals, golden weapons with full accuracy... get real, nobody wants 38-story build battles, nobody wants 80% of the lobby in the last circle, nobody should have to feel like they HAVE to fight their way for 20 minutes to earn a win when the absolute mother fucking foundation of this game is SURVIVAL and not how big your soccer skin nuts are.

    In my opinion there should be even more restrictions, harder farming and/or lower mat limits, an actual rarity system that makes sense instead of every colour of the rainbow for 280 different weapons. I’d love to make a final circle against players who may only have a grey tac, green AR and boogie bombs. It’s just ludicrous to me that there’s so much bitching and crying over things while simultaneously wetting your pants over the state of this game... the nonsense and contradictory threads in this sub every 30 seconds is incredibly pathetic.

    Every game should present different opportunity and a unique experience. Clowns out here treating this like a team death match and thinking that building is the only thing that matters. It’s not Epic screwing this game up, it’s a community of idiots who over several seasons have turned this game into an almost unbearable way to spend your gaming time.


    [–] Respawn Van Locations xbonesawx 0 points ago in FortNiteBR

    1) ummm yes, they do 2) wut 3) it takes barely any time at all to revive a teammate, it’s already too easy, and now a good team being able to resurrect? The skill gap is going to be tenfold worse than it is now with this addition


    [–] I’m sensing a pattern... xbonesawx 2 points ago in FortNiteBR

    I wish they would have just left the map as it was in season 4, which to me was at its peak. Then they could have made a new map with the desert, snow area, volcano crap and whatever else. I would love having the option of playing a more OG map and swapping with a new, mixed area map.