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    [–] How to Have a Good Raid Mentality xfactoid 81 points ago in DestinyTheGame

    I am a literal Sherpa

    What’s it like playing Destiny in the Himalayas?

    [–] Kodon Studio poly modeling looks like blender in VR xfactoid 1 points ago in Vive

    Except neither free nor open source so not really

    [–] [E3 2019] The Witcher 3 xfactoid 3 points ago in Games

    New storage tech is just hitting the market now. I just bought a 250GB NVME SSD for $40, the 500GB models were $60-70. Should be seeing that kind of pricing across the board on storage devices soon enough.

    [–] SteamVR BETA and Valve Index Headset Firmware updates for 6/11/19 (6/12/19 UTC, 1.5.7) xfactoid 0 points ago in SteamVR

    SteamVR: Driver RunFrame calls to PollNextEvent throttled to 1s of event processing. This is an attempt to work around cases where calls to driver RunFrame never return, in the case where it is due to constant event processing. This has been observed in some drivers when they are processing wireless haptic events. Drivers that are throttled will almost immediately be called again in RunFrame after other system housekeeping is done.

    ELI literally anyone except the person who wrote this?

    [–] 144hz For All HMDs via Launch Day Patch xfactoid 2 points ago in ValveIndex

    when is the self-driving update coming?

    [–] The First Ever E3 VR Showcase Is Live In 3 Hours From Now! (Big Announcements For All Major VR Platforms!) xfactoid -1 points ago in oculus

    5% is pretty damn much mainstream IMO. I just checked and Bloodborne, arguably a flagship PS4 title, sold ~3 million copies, for comparison.

    [–] How are y'all going on vault space? xfactoid 1 points ago in DestinyTheGame

    I stopped playing a few months ago. Tired of spending more time sorting through perks than actually playing.

    [–] [Media][Performance] Void Club new main room vs two random popular avatars xfactoid 1 points ago in VRchat

    Can you add options for different style mirrors in the main room? Appreciate the effort to optimize and all but the current one has an odd perspective and screws up certain shaders. Always nice to have options. :)

    [–] Preview: Valve Index is the DSLR to the Oculus Rift S Point-and-shoot xfactoid -1 points ago in ValveIndex

    Shipment Status: Pre-Order

    Estimated Shipping Date: Jun 28, 2019

    That's all it says on the order page. Anything else is speculation.

    [–] You can now play The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time in VR & first-person mode on the PC | DSOGaming xfactoid 7 points ago in Vive

    They were waiting for the OpenXR API to be released, which it was in March. Last I checked since then the official word was "eh we'll get around to it some time". So, it'll come, eventually.

    [–] Full-body tracking test using Huawei P30 Pro xfactoid -1 points ago in Vive

    That's odd, I never heard about an indie XR dev accused of pervasive spying on the West. Or did you mean Huawei because you read it in the title?

    [–] [Discussion] VRChat going on about "Polygon limits" just further proves they don't know squat about actual optimization, and its insulting. xfactoid 2 points ago in VRchat

    Fair enough, admittedly this is something I know less about but I do know it is supported in Unity. And I know it only gains much from huge systems of copies of particle or monsters or whatever, so I’m not sure why OP thinks it would be such a huge gain for avatars when there are never thousands of identical avatars running around in one place anyway.

    [–] [Discussion] VRChat going on about "Polygon limits" just further proves they don't know squat about actual optimization, and its insulting. xfactoid 2 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago) in VRchat

    I’m not convinced they understand what back face culling means.

    And I’m pretty sure GPU instancing should work on avatars, you just check a little box to enable it on your materials. At least this should work for particle systems and such, not sure if it works across different users with the same GPU instanced materials.

    [–] I’m meeting the President of HTC China to talk about VR/AR/5G tomorrow. Any questions you want to ask him? xfactoid 1 points ago in Vive

    AFAIK they haven't released any information indicating lighthouse support. All the promo material released so far only shows the cameras, no divots or translucent spots for the diodes. And this is HTC, whether it supports lighthouse or not they would probably prefer to charge $600+ which is probably why they've been so quiet ever since Oculus made their big announcement and release.

    [–] Mechanical pong xfactoid 1 points ago in gaming

    I see you. I care. This was my first thought too. <3