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    [–] YNWSA - 19 Times Edition xryanpagex 6 points ago in LiverpoolFC

    In this moment yes, but we can still get around 7 years of Naby whilst only around 3 of Gini

    [–] Black jerseys EPL xryanpagex 10 points ago in LiverpoolFC

    Fuck do i know mate

    [–] Black jerseys EPL xryanpagex 1 points ago in LiverpoolFC

    Just off the top of my head, the away game va Southampton earlier this season

    [–] FT Thread: Manchester City 4-0 Liverpool FC xryanpagex 2 points ago in LiverpoolFC

    Don’t forget perspective lads,

    we’re champions of Europe, Champions of the world and champions of England, enjoy these times.

    This is one to forget.

    [–] FT Thread: Everton FC 0-0 Liverpool FC xryanpagex 2 points ago in LiverpoolFC

    One point closer, it’ll be ours in no time

    [–] Hol up xryanpagex 1 points ago in HolUp


    [–] Canada: At least 10 people killed after mass shooting in Nova Scotia xryanpagex 452 points ago in news

    Rest in peace to the people who lost their lives today. Love and support to anyone affected by it.

    Disappointing how such an awful thing happens and the only thing people think about is that it wasn’t in America.