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    [–] The Whirlpool Galaxy 23 Million Light Years Away From Earth [OC] yaoyiyang88 1 points ago in pics

    This is (obviously) a composite of two photos of the recent harvest moon. The one photo being the brighter sky and foreground area, and the second being the image I took of the moon alone. I wanted to showcase the moon and give it that surrounding glow with the orange.

    The moon was shot at 1/250, 1600 ISO and F5.6 and the foreground was shot at 0‟8, 1600,5.6. I had maybe a 15 minute window before it started to rain and it was covered and happily was able to get such a good finishing product.

    I mainly want feedback on how well I added the photo of the moon to the brighter photo. I see some flaws myself but could not figure out ways to best fix them. All feedback is welcome

    [–] Why is Diarrhea hereditary? yaoyiyang88 1 points ago in Jokes

    Sometimes you gotta bite the bullet and just tuck your jeans into your socks and ride out the storm.