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    [–] Dual Citizen moving back to Belgium with husband and kids yifski 1 points ago in belgium

    Something else to think about: your husband needs to get a residence permit to be able to live with you in Belgium. One of the requirements for family reunion with a Belgian spouse is that you (not your husband) have sufficient and stable income. If your children have Belgian citizenship: the procedure for family reunion with a Belgian child is much easier.

    [–] Having afternoon tea right above Olesbelangah heights, in Iran [x-post /r/Iran] yifski 20 points ago in tea

    Why do you post a picture of someone drinking tea in Turkey and say it's you drinking tea in Iran?

    Very nice picture, but misleading. At least get the location right if you're going to repost.

    [–] Am I breaking the law if a mutuelle cancels my health insurance? yifski 1 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago) in belgium

    Yes, they look whether you paid contributions to riziv 2 years ago, and you're only contributing to riziv if you're working or are unemployed receiving unemployment benefits, in which case the state pays for you. If you're just not working, then you will have problems not right away, but 2 years later. This happened to me when I returned to Belgium after living abroad for 2 years, even though I de-registered at town hall and paid for my own travel health insurance when visiting Belgium. They said that you can always pay for your contributions yourself, but it's pretty expensive, about 2000 euro for the year.

    If you did pay riziv contributions, you should be able to show proof. If they really won't listen maybe you can contact riziv and ask for help?

    Or maybe this place can help you?

    [–] I just recieved e-mail from Teavivre about FREE* samples yifski 3 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago) in tea

    But it seems like you can add multiple sample packs to one order...

    Edit : or not, my order was canceled

    [–] How/why do the Turkish drink so much tea compared to everyone else? yifski 6 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago) in tea

    I lived in Istanbul for a while. They almost exclusively drink black tea, I think it's ctc. It's prepared in a 'çaydanlık', a 2-part tea pot. In the bottom part, water is boiled, and in the top part very concentrated black tea. It's steeped for 20-30 minutes or longer. If you steep it for 10 minutes or something, people complain that the tea is not ready yet. :D Everyone mixes the concentrated black tea with water to their liking. They often add sugar. Most people don't care about tea specifics and I haven't seen any specialized tea shops with other kinds of loose leaf tea.

    [–] When do we as a couple [22M] and [23F] seriously consider the future... I can’t see us ever been together. yifski 7 points ago in LongDistance

    3 hours isn't really that far...can't you just go live somewhere in the middle together? If that's too much of a compromise, I guess this relationship has no future.

    [–] What-Cha offer: Free Singpho Tea Log segment with orders over £45 (~$60.50 / ~€51.50) yifski 1 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago) in teasales

    Ok, I just placed the order. (#9245)

    Thanks for the offer, I look forward to trying it!

    [–] Pure ceylon loose tea FREE sample offer yifski 7 points ago in teasales

    If I pick multiple samples, the site is charging $4 shipping for each sample. Doesn't sound like a shipping fee to me, you're just charging $4 for each sample. Not saying it's a bad deal, but yeah.

    [–] Belgian Turks voted most strongly yes out of whole Turkish diaspora yifski 10 points ago in belgium

    The problem is that it's not 'their' country. They are living in Belgium, enjoying democracy and economic prosperity. Even if they vote Turkey back to middle ages and dictatorship, they can just continue their life in Belgium in peace. They are fucking the future of Turkey, killing democracy there by making the president all-powerful, and they will never feel the consequences. It's very easy to vote Yes like that.

    [–] Dual citizenship yifski 2 points ago in belgium

    I think he wants to know how he can notify Belgium of his second nationality.

    [–] How long is your daily commute to work? yifski 2 points ago in belgium

    Aarschot - Leuven (1:15 on average)

    bike from home to train station (20 min) - train (10-15 min) - bus to work (30 min)

    and some waiting

    [–] Steeds meer Marokkaanse en Turkse Belgen denken aan vertrek: "Beu om tweederangsburger te zijn" yifski 4 points ago in belgium

    Turkey is thriving? You mean the Turkish lira losing nearly 30% value in one year, unemployement, rising food prices and dictatorship are signs of a thriving society?

    [–] How's living in Istanbul as a foreigner? yifski 1 points ago in Turkey

    I think it's pretty crazy that the average rent is more expensive than minimum wage, but that might be because I'm from Belgium and not U.S. Almost everything is more expensive here than in Europe (and probably U.S. too), taking into account the income of people. A 1000 euro computer costs more than TL4000. 1 kg of eggplant costs 1.5 euro in Belgium right now, around 6TL here. Every time I go back to Belgium, I'm surprised how cheap everything is..

    [–] Where do you live now, where are you trying to move to and why? yifski 1 points ago in IWantOut

    Belgian, living in Turkey, trying to go back to Belgium with my Turkish partner.

    [–] Spotify Premium prices is going up? yifski 5 points ago in spotify

    It's because Turkish lira lost so much value in the past months. They need to increase prices in Turkish lira to keep the same price in dollar.

    [–] Are there any Belgian Turks around that want to share their opinion on the current coup (attempt)? yifski 14 points ago in belgium

    Non-Turkish Belgian living in Istanbul here. When I first heard there was a coup, I was afraid what would happen, but also relieved that the country would be secular and have a future again. Now that the coup failed, everything seems so much worse than before. People, even children, are shouting Allahu akbar on the street, mosks are calling people to protest. Using religion to protect the government. Nice play Erdoğan.

    [–] [Discussion] What made you decide to become a menstrual cup user? yifski 2 points ago in menstrualcups

    I always wanted to try it out, but never made the transition as I was pretty happy using tampons. Then I moved to a country (Turkey) where it's hard to find tampons, and nearly impossible to find applicator tampons. So I thought it'd be way more convenient if I could use a menstrual cup instead.