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    [–] Sodapoppin: The Great Escape yoloswagbrapbrap 10 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago) in classicwow

    Nah thats Sodah, different guy, both nutty

    [–] 60 vs 144Hhz yoloswagbrapbrap 2 points ago in classicwow

    DisplayPort or DVI, DisplayPort is probably best though. 100% get one and make sure you change your control panel settings to 144hz too. If you already have a 144hz monitor there is no reason at all to be sticking on 60, would be a total waste.

    [–] Quality shortcuts I wish we had yoloswagbrapbrap 3 points ago in PokemonLetsGo

    Man I've been complaining about this since day 1 to my friends haha, you use the +/- button to take out/put a pokemon in it's ball and when out in the world that button does literally nothing unlike every other button. Why can't they just assign the +/- to taking out and putting away the pokemon :(

    [–] Shiny Megathread - Post All Shiny Pokemon Here! yoloswagbrapbrap 1 points ago in PokemonLetsGo

    Oh god I feel so bad for you, just got one on a chain of 17 in Cerulean Cave

    [–] Why Zul'Drak is one of the most disturbing zones and more people should experience it. yoloswagbrapbrap 5 points ago in wow

    They never had to do any vanilla tbf, came out the starting zone at 58 and could jump right to BC. I've not levelled since the scaling but you can do wrath at 58 or 60 now as well, no?

    [–] Algorithm change to “hot” yoloswagbrapbrap 9 points ago in TheoryOfReddit

    "Hot" was actually how the old front page was, which they changed to "Best" a while back. Front page used to be the top posts from the big subreddits with tens of thousands of upvotes, mixed in with some few thousand upvote posts from your average subreddits, then once you got down and down the front page it was the smaller subreddits with a few hundred. I much preferred this old way, so when they changed the base front page to this new "Best" thing I switched mine around to be "Hot" by default. Now it seems "Hot" is just the same as "Best" minus a few posts, meaning it shows posts from the subreddits you visit most regularly. Kinda annoying for me personally, changes the way I use reddit for the worse imo.

    [–] codes being sent out yoloswagbrapbrap 1 points ago in Blackops4

    Restart bnet and you should be good

    [–] Should I buy BO4 on PC? yoloswagbrapbrap 6 points ago in Blackops4

    Play the beta and find out

    [–] Hassan forget Twitch TOS yoloswagbrapbrap 27 points ago in LivestreamFail

    It's their job to know I guess. Oddly specific ToS that no one else would have to deal with except these guys pretty much

    [–] Fortnite Summer Skirmish Week 4: Hold the Throne yoloswagbrapbrap 1 points ago in FortniteBets

    Looks like skybet is back up, along with all the players being added to the listings. 201.00 odds on the Liquid lads and Zayt I've heard to be aight wee bets.

    [–] Summer Skirmish Betting yoloswagbrapbrap 3 points ago in FortniteCompetitive

    Yeah same here, set it up with the name and sent you a mod invite. Busy at the moment and first time startin one but will maybe try figure it out and have it sorted for next week. Anyone else is free to help out too boyos!

    [–] Summer Skirmish Betting yoloswagbrapbrap 8 points ago in FortniteCompetitive

    Thought it was a bit odd that your post with actual insight, proven track record for betting, tips, discussion about both betting and the players themselves in the comments got removed when the mods left up a post simply asking for somewhere to bet in the US. But hey, you guys do you.

    [–] An Apology to Reckful yoloswagbrapbrap 12 points ago in reckful

    Barry calls him Brian all the time are you calling him a newfag?

    [–] [Issue] FPS drops while at "endgame", small circle. yoloswagbrapbrap 3 points ago in RealmRoyale

    Yeah been playin for an hour or two just now and eventually had to quit mid game due to dropping to 40fps, though it wasn't near end circle. Memory/CPU/GPU usage all seemed pretty normal and I constantly get 150fps otherwise.

    [–] The Windows 10 update of April 2018 is garbage and you shouldn't be okay with it, here is why. yoloswagbrapbrap 3 points ago in windows

    I literally just updated and same as you guys, my front jack I normally have my headphones in wasn't working. In RealTek Audio Manager I went in, the front jacks were all greyed out, so I went into the options and turned on "AC97 Front Panel", now it's working just fine. Not sure if this can help everyone, but it worked for me.

    [–] [Spoiler] Speculation about Taelia's Mother yoloswagbrapbrap 8 points ago in wow

    That's possibly his mother or another relative based on age, right? High Cleric of Stormwind during the 1st war is a pretty prestigious title for someone who would have to be pretty young at the time, 30 odd years ago. Also possible that since it's a "secret child", she was had after his previous wife's death, which is perhaps frowned upon in that society.