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    [–] True to form youngluck 1 points ago in texas

    Bad bot.

    [–] Unbelievable strength youngluck 20 points ago in youseeingthisshit

    Fuck. I just moved to a place with a Harbor Freight, never heard of it before. I bought a band saw. Did I just set myself up for some Final Destination type shit?

    [–] Megathread: Senate Judiciary Committee To Hold Public Hearing On Kavanaugh Accusations, Vote Postponed youngluck 1 points ago in politics


    Made me switch to Spanish on your stupid ass.

    [–] Toru kn, Master of pointillism youngluck 1 points ago in interestingasfuck

    I can do that, I just don’t feel like it right now.

    [–] Despite Outrage, Nike Sales Increased 31% After Kaepernick Ad youngluck 3 points ago in business

    Historically in a beneficial way, though. Good ads define a company for years (Apple, Nike, etc). Bad ads get an apology, a quick pull, and are forgotten about. I can’t think of a single ad that destroyed a company. I can name several that made one.

    [–] Bankruptcy incoming youngluck 0 points ago in WhitePeopleTwitter

    You’re disgusted at Nike for supporting Kaep, but don’t care about Curry supporting Kaep. Selective disgust. Got it. Carry on with your sports activities then. Remember to lift with your legs, not your back.

    [–] Bankruptcy incoming youngluck 1 points ago in WhitePeopleTwitter

    I mean you’re still putting money in his pocket, you fkn assclown. Your fake outrage over a company that doesn’t care about you should also extend to giving your money to all persons of the same ideological fabric. That would be UA. And Converse. Should just stick to the Walmart garb you’re used to. Just to be safe, I mean.

    [–] Bankruptcy incoming youngluck 0 points ago in WhitePeopleTwitter

    Backtracked? He released a full statement saying he didn’t mind leaving. He accounts for over 50% of UA sales. A Kaep supporter. I suggest you boycott them too just to be safe.

    [–] Bankruptcy incoming youngluck 2 points ago in WhitePeopleTwitter

    Steph Curry is now part owner of UA, and has repeatedly praised Kap, while stiffing the President. You’re gonna need to boycott them too.

    [–] Surprise, surprise. Here comes Big Cable to slay another rule that helps small ISPs compete youngluck 2 points ago in technology

    This is the most obtuse thing I’ve read on the internet in a while. It’s literally the exact opposite of what you’re saying it is.

    [–] When Zephyr Teachout is elected New York Attorney General, she's gonna emolumentize Trump right out of the White House youngluck 4 points ago in Political_Revolution

    “New York City Public Advocate Tish James led the four-way Democratic attorney general primary with 26 percent to Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney’s 15 percent, Zephyr Teachout’s 12 percent and Leecia Eve’s 3 percent.”

    [–] Daily White House protests against Trump enter third week youngluck 3 points ago in politics

    How many upvotes would you need to stand in the front holding up a boom box like John Cusack in ‘Say Anything’, blasting the audio book version of ‘Dreams of my Father’ as read by Obama?

    [–] @realDonaldTrump: While the NATO meeting in Brussels was an acknowledged triumph, with billions of dollars more being put up by member countries at a faster pace, the meeting with Russia may prove to be, in the long run, an even greater success. Many positive things will come out of that meeting.. youngluck 1 points ago in POTUSWatch

    Less than 72 hours after indictments get handed out against his state actors, Trump can’t even bring his self to condemn them standing 5 feet away from the guy who ordered it. What in the holy hell are you talking about? That’s a serious question. He’ll rail on everyone from former US Presidents to nobody sitcom stars... but will bite his tongue in regards to anything negative about Russia. What do you base this “Tougher on Russia than any president since Reagan” on? Genuinely curious.