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    [–] Texas Brides - Did you use a shuttle service? youngsailor 4 points ago in weddingplanning

    That price sounds about right. Locations outside of the city are usually just as expensive, if not more, because of the travel time to and from the locations.

    We went with Premier Transportation and had an absolutely amazing experience. They did a party limo bus for my bridal party (20 people) to and from my church in Far North Dallas to our venue downtown and another charter for guests (30-40). Their buses were pristine, drivers were almost an hour early, extremely professional.

    [–] My mom offered to make me a dress. She made this example top piece so I could see her skills :) yay or nay? Honest opinions please. youngsailor 5 points ago in weddingplanning

    If lace is your thing, then I think she can handle it! The fit of a gown can be as complex as you want it to be though. What kind of a silhouette do you want to go with this? Very simple/ drape or something very fitted? The more fitted, the more complicated the pattern.

    I personally did not want lace but I think this is pretty!

    [–] This crown molding youngsailor 1 points ago in mildlyinfuriating

    We're house hunting and of the 20+ homes we've toured, there's been nothing quite like this thus far. Had to share.

    [–] Using the 8lb weights youngsailor 2 points ago in orangetheory

    Agree to this 100%! If you are struggling to maintain form, consider backing off - there is zero competition and sometimes if I am feeling specifically sore I'll go lighter too

    [–] Solicited Advice youngsailor 4 points ago in orangetheory

    Even when I'm really trying to watch it I usually bounce around 30-32 and my coaches call me out for not being under 30. Is under 35 generally okay? Shorter lady here too - trying to improve on the rowing side!

    [–] 2 months and 15 days and we have vendors letting us down. youngsailor 4 points ago in weddingplanning

    we will have to put deposits down with them without knowing any actual costs.

    are you certain that is the case? I don't care if it's in a barn or on the moon, any wedding vendor should be able to get you a quote within reason for any venue regardless of circumstance. You should be able to select vendors, go about everything as usual, and get pricing from them. The venue renovations should not matter at all when it comes to this.. any vendor who tells you otherwise is a huge red flag.

    [–] One favor per family? youngsailor 9 points ago in weddingplanning

    honestly they are SO overpriced, however, adorable and small/cute. If I saw them with my date, I'd make sure we both got one.. I'd assume it was one per person for sure.

    [–] Do not play list suggestions? youngsailor 8 points ago in weddingplanning

    It reminds me of the Pam & Jim's wedding/the Office and you CAN'T TAKE THAT AWAY FROM ME.. Sure he's a shit person but I'll still always love this song.

    [–] Do not play list suggestions? youngsailor 22 points ago in weddingplanning

    Those song are overplayed because it gets EVERYONE dancing lol..

    I would probably never listen to most of the music we are playing at the wedding for dance music, but Radiohead / Modest Mouse / Weezer, etc. aren't really party-dance-songs

    [–] Do not play list suggestions? youngsailor 1 points ago in weddingplanning

    oop Forever is on my 'must play' ..

    [–] Did you tip vendors 20% on their total? youngsailor 2 points ago in weddingplanning

    I appreciate your input!! Definitely good to know.

    [–] Did you tip vendors 20% on their total? youngsailor 1 points ago in weddingplanning

    Thank you! He has been amazing with us during the planning process so far so I feel 200 is probably what we will do.

    [–] Should we provide transportation? youngsailor 2 points ago in weddingplanning

    I really like the idea of vouchers because it gives your guests a little more freedom! We had to do a bus because the vouchers would be $40-50 for the distance needed.

    Hope you find what works for you :-)

    [–] Should we provide transportation? youngsailor 9 points ago in weddingplanning

    I would at a minimum do an Uber voucher. It seems like it could be cheaper than the bus (also not a big fan of the no A/C thing, but it's for a short distance so it's probably fine).

    3 miles in an Uber should be less than $10. Split everyone up by couple and give $20 per for a ride there and back. See what the difference - with the vouchers you only pay for what the guests use too which is nice.

    [–] Bridesmaid gift ideas? youngsailor 7 points ago in weddingplanning

    I would rather have a nice pair of earrings ~$75-100 vs. a wristlet. Coach wristlets remind me of high school and I personally would not use one.

    If a wristlet is more their style and you think they would all like it, then go for it! I think a ~$100 piece of jewelry is something I'd use more often.

    Also am a big fan of "little" necklaces.. You could spend ~$100 easily on a very pretty dainty necklace. I really love these two stores for that kind of thing:

    [–] How to tell family about elopement after it happens? youngsailor 5 points ago in weddingplanning

    I would take the 'them getting annoyed with you over not planning wedding' over them possibly feeling betrayed, and that you do not trust them.

    I understand he has a totally different relationship with family - is he 100% on board with the secret part? I agree elopement sounds like it's perfect for you both, but doing it in secret can come off as hurtful.

    If his family really loves your future husband and accepts your engagement, they will respect your plants to elope.

    [–] When someone buys you a $300 appliance you didn't registered for.. youngsailor 21 points ago in weddingplanning

    It was one of the professional grade Vitamix blenders with accessories! We have a Ninja that is a few years old but works really well, otherwise I would have seriously considered keeping it. It's definitely an upgrade from what we have but there are other items I think we'd rather have first vs. replacing something that still works.

    I think it's nice they took the time to try and pick something out, while also giving us the opportunity to exchange. All of our other big ticket items were purchased (Kitchenaid mixer, $250 convection oven, etc).

    [–] Low to no budget wedding youngsailor 5 points ago in weddingplanning

    I would start by making a list of who you would like to invite to your wedding and see what that looks like between you and your significant other. The number of guests can help to maintain a budget similar to how it can blow a budget out of proportion.

    Also, definitely do not feel like you have to spend more than your means to do this - remember that it's only one day and the important part is that you get to spend the rest of your lives together afterwards!