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    [–] Favorite / balanced phone reviewers? yourSAS 9 points ago in Android

    I second this. Plus Dave Lee & MobileTechReview.

    [–] Huawei didn't announce Mate 20 Pro's DXOMark Score because it was too high yourSAS 12 points ago in Android

    Original article (Chinese)

    So Mate 20 camera is indeed great as expected (?) and Huawei didn't want everyone to know that right away with too high dxo score? I'm confused.

    [–] The Night Sight mode in the Google Camera app for the Google Pixel 3, Pixel 2, and Pixel is incredible yourSAS 163 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in Android

    Direct link to samples comparison

    While this is indeed incredible as the article & samples say, it's basically a long exposure done in a genius way.

    Google Camera basically takes multiple "long exposure" (longer than usual auto mode, like 1/3s) frames, say upto ~15, and then uses a robust HDR+ enhanced merging technique to combine them into a single visually stunning picture.

    So effectively, we have a 1/3 × 15 ≈ 5s exposed image. Caveat being you don't get ZSL with Night Sight & will have to hold the phone steady for a little longer than the regular mode (but not for 5s as in the case of regular long exposure shot, which is a big plus). Results are day & night apart, quite literally here. Very excited for the port of this feature on other phones with modded Google camera.

    [–] Huawei's Mate 20 Pro is a wild bag of phone tricks - If the Samsung Galaxy S9 and iPhone X had a phone baby, this is it. yourSAS 176 points ago in Android

    • This phone wirelessly charges other phones

    • It has an in-screen fingerprint sensor… and a Face ID-type camera

    • There are three different rear camera lenses

    Keeping aside all the accusations for a moment, gotta appreciate their hardware innovation & design.