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    [–] Some Nokia 7 Plus phones in Europe may have sent sensitive information to a server in China for several months yourSAS 1 points ago in Android

    Every time the phone was switched on, the screen activated or unlocked, his geographical position, as well as the SIM card number and the phone's serial number went to a server in China.

    Finnish Data Protection Authority has chosen to start investigating the allegations, according to Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat .

    Data is sensitive indeed 😳

    [–] "Photo by OPPO 10X hybrid optical zoom smartphone. It is a telescope." - Ice Universe yourSAS 9 points ago in Android

    Strange. Doesn't work for me either, when opened on browser but works fine on the reddit client.

    You can just refer to the tweet for images in any case.

    [–] Stupid apps on the Play Store promise to magically update your phone to a new Android version yourSAS 577 points ago in Android

    Reminds me of the sad state of Android update situation. I know it's a wip but wonder how much the Project Treble really impacted in this regard.