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    [–] What the F has happened to me? yurifca 4 points ago in selfimprovement

    Thank you, this was very helpful!

    " it's a shortcut to an intense pleasure that would/should normally be achieved through hard work and healthy relationships. " This part makes a lot of sense for me, because you will start looking for a way to compensate for this pleasure "loss" and search for it actively doing other stuff and being more proactive.

    [–] Where to start when over 30 yurifca 2 points ago in selfimprovement

    " I am not that young."

    You will never be as young as you are now. The best time to plant a tree was 20 year ago, the second best is right NOW. Time will pass, no matter what, so it is better to build something starting now, and see the results in the future, even if it takes time and effort.

    Go on dude, I'm sure you have the strength to reach your objectives.

    [–] How do I stop hating myself? This mindset is controlling everything in my life yurifca 1 points ago in selfimprovement

    Life isn't a competition.

    We don't start from the same point and we are not aiming for the same goals. Comparing with other people is just a way to increase your anxiety, because you just end up feeling envious and empty. Look around you and be grateful for you mother, for her love and attention, for your health.

    I suggest you quit social media for a while, since it's a terrible gateway to fake success and competition, since you're comparing everyones best moments with your daily routine (you will "lose", always).

    [–] It's my birthday today yurifca 2 points ago in socialskills

    Happy Birthday my dude!

    Don't be so negative, your life is a gift and even if you're having a hard time now, you'll get pass it and I'm sure everything will be just fine!

    I know it isn't much, but I want to gift you a suggestion. Read " The Courage To Be Disliked", since it talks a lot about the feelings you are sharing right now. If you don't feel like it, it's ok!

    Hope you have a great day.

    [–] What the F has happened to me? yurifca 12 points ago in selfimprovement

    I'm sorry I can't help you, but I have a question. I'm seeing a lot of people doing the "nofap" thing, and I'm wondering, why is that? Faping is bad for you or you were too addicted to fap or porn so you should restrain yourself?

    I've always been told that masturbation is, somewhat, healthy, but apparently it isn't?

    [–] How do you react to passive racist remarks when you are already socially awkward? yurifca 1 points ago in socialskills

    You can point that something that they said isn't funny or shouldn't be said. You can simply say: "hey, don't say that..." in a gentle way, but making sure the person understood that it's something that hurts you or makes you feel insecure.

    [–] Gatekeeping? In the Metal community? Absolutely unheard of!?!?!? yurifca 6 points ago in gatekeeping

    Metal is my favorite type of music, and I listen to a lot of different shit.

    Metalheads are the biggest gatekeepers I can think of, in any genre, maybe the worst gatekeepers of all "groups". That's pretty sad, because this guys should be welcoming every new listener, since metal is in a bad shape nowadays.

    [–] How do I project my voice? yurifca 1 points ago in selfimprovement

    Maybe get ready to speak before a conversation.

    If you're going to a place driving, for example, sing a song loudly by yourself.

    Sometimes, when we stay a extended period without speaking, our voice tends to get a little "shy".

    [–] I can't seem to improve any skills i'm working on. yurifca 2 points ago in selfimprovement

    I think I understand what you're saying. But maybe the next step in learning to backhop is something that you're not aware that is improving, like muscle strength or balance.

    I get this a lot when I'm trying to learn something by myself, without a teacher or any instructor, since I don't know enough about the subject, so my expectations to reach a certain level drag my emotional down, because I didn't know how much time or effort would take to be there.

    [–] I can't seem to improve any skills i'm working on. yurifca 3 points ago in selfimprovement

    Improving is kinda relative, you can't measure your progress in a real life skill, unlike in a videogame, because you don't have a progress bar or a xp bar. You need to keep doing the things you like, not expecting to be good, and respect your own time and strugles until you are finally getting the hang of it, through discipline and commitment.

    [–] Everytime.. yurifca 1 points ago in BikiniBottomTwitter

    This actually happened to me in Brasil. Fml

    [–] hmmmmm.... yurifca 5 points ago in BikiniBottomTwitter

    3,6 roentgens.
    Not great, not terrible.

    [–] Anyone else get really upset by cancelled plans? yurifca 5 points ago in socialskills

    I know it hurts a lot, but you shouldn't expect people to make you happy. Of course, it's a bad excuse and you're on your right to be upset, but maybe he had a better plan (which is reasonable). I don't think you should remove him from your life, unless he does this everytime. If not, try to do other things with other people, always have a backup plan

    [–] History does repeat itself yurifca 7 points ago in BikiniBottomTwitter

    This is kinda sad tho

    [–] Liverpool Champions league parade. yurifca 1 points ago in trashy

    Ohh you should see carnival in Brazil. The amount of beer cans is unbelievable

    [–] How to stop being so lazy and comfortable yurifca 2 points ago in selfimprovement

    Motivation is unreliable to do things.

    You need to do it everyday even if you're not feeling like it, just like a job or a test. Discipline is the key to getting fit and learning.

    [–] What impossible situation do you often fantasize about? yurifca 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Being a god guitarrist and basically enchanting everyone that listens to my heavy metal riffs, even though I'm aware that metal and heavy riffs are one of the least popular types of music.

    [–] Just wasted another day, feeling desperate yurifca 2 points ago in selfimprovement

    Try this.

    Write or type and answer these 3 questions:

    - Good things I did today, or good things that happened ( ex: went to gym, read a book, had a nice talk with someone cool ).

    - What could I have done better? (ex: complimenting someone for something nice they did, forgot someone else's birthday, being rude in trafic... ).

    - What do I expect from tomorrow? (ex: Attending my classes, going to gym, read some pages of your school book, making new friends...).

    The point of these is to remind yourself of the good things in your day (or your life in general), but acknowledge that there is always room for improvement and setting goals for your future ( personal goals that matter to you, only you).

    It's some sort of auto analysis that helps you to indentify some feelings and anxieties and how to tackle them in the next oportunities.

    Good luck.

    [–] The girl I loved put a restraining order on me yurifca 5 points ago in socialskills

    Dude, let her go.

    I'm getting a pretty weird vibe from you and from how you're reacting to all of this. No one gives a RO without good reason.

    Aren't you forgetting to tell something?

    [–] (27, m) I’m ugly (Pics included) and I have Asperger’s, is it possible for me to date? No girl has ever been interested in or attracted to me yurifca 17 points ago in socialskills

    I was really expecting a ugly mofo.

    But no.

    I don't know you, but you're not "ugly". You may not be the front page of Man's Health, but your smile made me smile too, and hey, everyone knows that the first step to win a girl's heart is making her smile.

    Work in your self confidence and social skills, seek professional help if you fell like it and keep searching for her.


    [–] WIBTA if I called off my wedding because my fiance does not want my son to bring his boyfriend to the wedding? yurifca 2 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    What if they get a straight son, and she doesn't allow them to be friends, or to have lunch in their grandparents house at sunday. The consequences for your son's future are much worse than a "imperfect" wedding for her, don't do this to your kid, please.

    [–] I watched my students beating their class mate and I ignored it. yurifca 1 points ago in confession

    The majority of Reddit is from NA, so you guys have no idea how the educational system in Brasil works.

    It's not just kids with bad attitude, they beat teachers, sell drugs, bring knifes and guns to class.

    It's pretty easy to judge from a different perspective, but I doubt any of you guys lectured a class close to a favela, controlled by a drug dealer that has influence in every person in that school.

    OP was immature, but he can't be responsible for other peoples actions, even those kids.

    [–] I watched my students beating their class mate and I ignored it. yurifca 1 points ago in confession

    He lives in Rio.

    Hes going to have a violent life, regardless.

    Source: Brazilian

    [–] I watched my students beating their class mate and I ignored it. yurifca 3 points ago in confession

    Agreed. School should teach you things like math, grammar, history. Manners and how to behave are parent's resposibility