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    [–] [serious] For those of you who are not close with your class, why not? zSolars 2 points ago in medicalschool

    I have some “friends” I talk to now and then but no one I hang out with. I think it’s mostly because I’m married and more mellow as far as going out. I also commute so I’m less into going downtown for social stuff.

    Only a month into M1 though, so hoping it’ll get better. I’m just so glad I have my wife so I’m not all alone.

    [–] disgruntled interviewer zSolars 14 points ago in premed

    I only withdrew because I already had other offers. I would definitely wait and see what happens based on the timing.

    [–] disgruntled interviewer zSolars 31 points ago in premed

    I didn’t say anything about the interview, I just said I appreciated the opportunity but did not feel I would fit well with the school (which was honestly true). I thought I’d love the place and left just knowing I didn’t want to be there, for a lot of different reasons.

    But OP, I realized I got off track. You’ll always see different types of interviewers that treat you in many different ways. Just stick to being yourself, and if you’re right for the school it’ll all work out in the end.

    [–] disgruntled interviewer zSolars 51 points ago in premed

    I interviewed at a top program last year and one of my interviewers was a resident. He questioned my ECs and basically acted like I was BSing my entire application. I emailed them the next day and withdrew my application. If that’s the kind of person they pick to train there, I knew I didn’t want any part of it.

    [–] [Serious] Applying for ophthalmology...should I be worried about optometrists? zSolars 11 points ago in medicalschool

    ODs can’t do surgery and can only prescribe a specific list of meds. Unless they start learning how to operate and diagnose many more diseases than they currently learn, it should be fine. From what I’ve seen, optometrists focus on vision correction and glaucoma more than anything else.

    [–] Anyone know of a Chick-fil-A that serves cheese sauce? zSolars 1 points ago in cincinnati

    Tried Facebook messaging them and they said to just call and ask. Not much help sadly, but good idea!

    [–] Anyone know of a Chick-fil-A that serves cheese sauce? zSolars 2 points ago in cincinnati

    Darn, this is painful. Thanks for the info! Guess I’ll have to try hunting it down

    [–] FRIEND-CODES LIST zSolars 1 points ago in pokemongoyellow

    2425 8805 4402 from Ohio, USA :)

    [–] Applying to a school without LoR requirements met zSolars 3 points ago in premed

    Some schools will give additional options for your LORs if you’re a grad student or non-trad. Can’t hurt to try, but if you’re unsure just email the schools and ask. I’ve always found admissions to be pretty helpful.

    [–] I don't want to be a mid-level provider zSolars 2 points ago in pharmacy

    One thing to note is that a provider is essentially someone that can bill for services. MD, DO, PA, and NP are all providers. However, PA and NP are referred to as mid level practitioners because they require physician supervision.

    That being said, pharmacists billing for more services as a provider would be potentially helpful for the profession. However, I do not see pharmacists prescribing and managing patients independently without physician supervision.

    [–] Official "holy crap I'm an incoming M1 and I have so many dumb questions I want to ask" thread zSolars 1 points ago in medicalschool

    Thanks for the help! Most lectures are not required. Some stuff in the afternoon is mandatory but by then all the morning traffic will be gone which makes it a super easy drive. I will just test it out like you said and see how I feel as it gets closer to M3

    [–] AP Chemistry and AMCAS zSolars 3 points ago in premed

    You should record it by putting whatever chemistry class you received credit for at your university. For me, it was counted as gen chem 1 with lab.

    [–] Why not (insert other related role) zSolars 1 points ago in premed

    I think you should ask yourself why you decided on medicine vs those other options. Clearly you have a reason for it, as you’re premed and not pre-something else. For me, I focused on how I want to be an expert in my chosen field and serve as a leader and educator within the healthcare team. Also, when something goes wrong and a patient is crashing, you don’t look for the nurse or pharmacist, you look for the physician to intervene. Just stick with what’s pushing you to become a physician.

    [–] Need reassurance about putting in future hours for activities zSolars 5 points ago in premed

    If my math is right, that comes out to 23ish hours per week. Seems reasonable for a part time job when you’re no longer a full time student

    [–] Most meaningful experiences? zSolars 2 points ago in premed

    I think being an orientation leader is great! If it’s anything like my school, I know those are super competitive and likely speaks to your interest in helping others. Personally, I picked the three things I got most excited about. You’ll likely be asked mostly about your most meaningful experiences during an interview, and showing what you’re passionate about will help the interviewers learn what makes you unique

    [–] What to put in personalized dopp bags? - Groomsmen gift help zSolars 1 points ago in weddingplanning

    I was debating something like that, but I was unsure if people would rather use whatever they are used to vs whatever shaving stuff I get them.

    [–] GPA progression throughout pharmacy school? zSolars 1 points ago in pharmacy

    Are you applying during P4? If so, your APPE grades will probably not be counted since you’ll apply during the fall semester before you’ve finished many rotations. Also, I can personally say that when I interviewed for med school, they didn’t really factor in the difficulty of pharmacy vs another major. It was all the same to them.

    [–] PA VS MD zSolars 3 points ago in premed

    I actually applied and was accepted to both before committing to med school. I avoided applying to both programs at one school out of caution personally