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    [–] Too many people ask if they are too old to become a PA and I wanted to answer it... zSolars 10 points ago in prephysicianassistant

    You can, however, apparently be too young (says nearly everyone I discuss PA with, myself being under 30) /s

    [–] Pre-Med student considering a switch to Pre-PA... totally clueless about differences. zSolars 7 points ago in prephysicianassistant

    Your free time will not be based on PA vs physician, but rather the specialty you pick as either profession. PAs are on call, work late, and work weekends depending on their chosen specialty. The true benefit comes from less time in school and less debt. I think you should consider if you would rather be the leader of the team or a contributing member. That will be more important as lifestyle, as it can suck for either option. As someone that applied to both PA and MD, I felt like PA had more hoops to jump through so if you’re prepared to apply for medical school now you may as well go for it. You’ll like have to spend at least 1 year on pre-reqs and gaining health care experience before you can be competitive for PA. Also, your GPA isn’t terrible but for PA you’ll be fighting an uphill battle. You’d likely fair better as a DO applicant assuming you can get a decent MCAT. Feel free to let me know if you have any other questions! Like I said, I applied PA and MD so I can discuss both paths in more detail

    [–] Ma’am I never laughed at you zSolars 9 points ago in TalesFromThePharmacy

    As soon as patients talk like the techs hang up on them. If they call back they just answer and hang up before they can say anything. Eventually they give up calling

    [–] Accelerated PA program vs normal PA program zSolars 33 points ago in physicianassistant

    If it’s guaranteed admission to PA school, you’re golden. It may be quicker paced, but giving up some “fun” during undergrad is a decent trade off for a guaranteed job as a PA and one less year paying tuition

    [–] Can I apply with a master's? zSolars 2 points ago in prephysicianassistant

    I am only receiving a pharmd, without any other degrees. No one said it was an issue, but can’t hurt to confirm with each school. I think you’ll be fine.

    [–] Yet Another All White Build... With RGB! zSolars 2 points ago in buildapc

    Literally just changed to using this case a few days ago. Love it!

    [–] Common Practice when Counseling Patient zSolars 7 points ago in pharmacy

    Indeed, but I feel like the ordinary person wouldn’t expect us to do that

    [–] Common Practice when Counseling Patient zSolars 13 points ago in pharmacy

    Not uncommon, but it happens. When in school I saw a pharmacist check each prescription by pouring the pills into his hand. I’ve seen techs use pills that fell on the floor. Pills in general are not as clean as people may assume

    [–] Dashboard with hardware monitor on auxiliary 5 inch screen zSolars 2 points ago in Rainmeter

    Any tips on where to find a small screen like that? I love this idea!

    [–] Want to checkout a cart full? Okay... zSolars 9 points ago in TalesFromThePharmacy

    I cram their stuff into one bag as much as possible as my own form of petty justice. I get looks but no one has been bold enough to say anything. Now that I’m quitting after this week I don’t even care if they were to complain.

    [–] My bad. What I meant to say was you've been rejected. zSolars 1 points ago in premed

    So I only interviewed in AZ, but it just seemed like they knew they were great and didn’t have to convince me to attend. They know mayo is good and seemed to act like the name alone should win me over. It was stressed that writing letters saying they are my top choice was the best way to get in. They also had very few organizations to join and said I’d likely have to start any interest group myself since it’s a newer campus. It is by no means a bad school, but I preferred the feel of being part of a university with more opportunities available to me. I was also interviewed by a resident that was a jerk to me, so I was over the program before I even left

    [–] My bad. What I meant to say was you've been rejected. zSolars 4 points ago in premed

    Wasn’t sad to be rejected honestly (didn’t feel like I clicked with the school), but this makes it even easier to get over it. Can’t say I got this email though

    [–] Thinking about sending an update to a few schools after what happened today. zSolars 4 points ago in premed

    Nice! I got one squad win but it was a special event so it didn’t count. Most of my friends don’t like the game so solo is my main choice.

    [–] Thinking about sending an update to a few schools after what happened today. zSolars 12 points ago in premed

    That’s how I started too. My friend told me to just land in busy areas until I learn not to die though and that was super helpful. Still mostly hide until I feel safe though haha

    [–] Didn’t think I’d have this issue... zSolars 30 points ago in TalesFromThePharmacy

    Exactly. She made her experience last even longer by waiting in another line

    [–] Does the PA program that you attend influence the likelihood of getting hired/salary out of school zSolars 4 points ago in physicianassistant

    Salary is unlikely to change much, but a better school may have more connections to get you more competitive jobs in your ideal location.

    [–] Accepted students, what do you believe set you apart from the swarm of other pre-med undergraduates? zSolars 4 points ago in premed

    I would say my education. I’m finishing a PharmD, and it was always the first thing people asked me about. I had to nail my reasons for going on to med school, but overall it seemed to benefit me more than hinder me. I also did a lot with an undeserved outreach clinic while in school.

    [–] Can we get a School X vs. School Y sticky? zSolars 1 points ago in premed

    I could have sworn this was a thing here in the past. I am debating over a few options and would love some input myself.