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    [–] Conservative: I'd take Obama over Trump in an instant, especially after the day we just had zelda-go-go 31 points ago in politics

    8bitguy1 and madhakish's belly lints later met at a diner for drinks. Unfortunately, they could not reconcile their difference of opinion regarding international trade partnerships, and no political change was accomplished by their union. But despite this, they met again once more, and really hit things off once they realized that both were huge fans of the Netflix series GLOW. Today, they are married with a child on the way and living in a suburb outside Tucson.

    [–] A Warren VP Pick Would Show That Biden Is Serious About Repairing the Economy zelda-go-go 15 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago) in politics

    Which is proven insanity. All it does is push the window even further right. Communists did the same thing to facilitate the Nazis' rise to power in Germany, and we're seeing identical rhetoric across Twitter right now. I think Chomsky put it best.

    [–] Democrats see Warren as rising VP contender as coronavirus reshuffles 2020 race zelda-go-go 8 points ago in politics

    I still don't see where the "sting" comes in for some other progressives. 2 years covered tuition, $15 minimum wage, public option, decriminalized marijuana, and so on. Those are all things that feel plausible. None of what Bernie focused on (no matter how nice it sounded) ever felt within the scope of reality, especially given his record. I feel like with Biden we're already guaranteed more actual progress than whatever Bernie might've been able to actually get through Congress. For me, Warren as VP would just be icing on the cake.

    [–] Trump Administration to End National Guard COVID Deployments One Day Before G.I. Bill Benefits Kick In zelda-go-go 249 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago) in politics

    Still, Cadet Bonespurs goes above and beyond to shit on service members more than any other Republican in history.


    [–] The sad fucking truth zelda-go-go 1 points ago in FoxFiction

    For more memes about Fox, check out r/FauxNews