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    [–] The House Impeached Trump, and the Stock Market Did Not Crash Like He Said It Would zelda-go-go 81 points ago in politics

    Luckily, manufacturing is only like 10% of the US economy these days. Thanks, post-industrialism.

    [–] Where do Americans die by gunfire? Interactive Map zelda-go-go -1 points ago in dataisbeautiful

    The bluer states tend be the most successful economically. The redder states tend to be the most successful at suicide. No one's the best at everything.

    [–] Fake It Till You Make It zelda-go-go 7 points ago in gifs

    She still gets to see Trudeau a few times a year, and that always makes her happy.

    [–] The Modern Economy of Russia zelda-go-go 2 points ago in EconomicHistory

    No. I'm merely interested in economic history, saw the video, and posted it.

    [–] The Modern Economy of Russia zelda-go-go 1 points ago in EconomicHistory

    If you watch it, you'll see that it actually is. It mainly focuses on how modern Russia's economy came to be what it is today.

    [–] Missouri church leader tried to pay for sex on Grindr with Arby's card zelda-go-go 1 points ago in RepublicanValues

    Lol. I'm just going through trying to flair everything as usual, but wow.

    I don't even...