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    [–] This hotel in Prague zeronine 1 points ago in AccidentalWesAnderson

    Basically all of Prague tbh.

    [–] [Update] Drunk Driver hit a power pole outside our neighborhood and fried an expensive component in our AC unit. zeronine 2 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago) in personalfinance

    No kidding. There it's a lot of /r/frugal_jerk that happens in this sub.

    After going into consulting full time, I have a better appreciation for what my time actually costs me. Now unless I actually :want: to do a repair (which I often do! it's fun to learn and build stuff!) it's honestly cheaper to go hire an expert and have it done right the first time, quickly and efficiently.

    [–] [Update] Drunk Driver hit a power pole outside our neighborhood and fried an expensive component in our AC unit. zeronine 6 points ago in personalfinance

    So many armchair repair technicians in this thread complaining about the cost of the repair, which OP didn't pay out of pocket anyway.

    Yes it can be done cheaper, probably. If you know what you're doing or invest the time to learn, and if your time is cheap, and if you have good tools and suppliers, and if there's nothing else wrong below the surface, etc.

    Look, I'm all for knowing how to fix and do stuff, but this is a pretty clear case where OP could literally not have gotten out any cheaper. And even then, it's not morally wrong to pay an expert for their expertise.

    [–] What was the most epic comeuppance you've ever seen a spoiled kid get? zeronine 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Yeah it's more this. Can we afford that transformer thing or Lego set they really really want? Sure, we can budget for it and make that work. But does that mean we're getting every last thing they want? Not even close. They get allowance to learn how to manage money, set goals, and enjoy the benefits of that.

    [–] What's your best relationship advice? zeronine 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Express needs positively. Instead of "don't spend so much time doing that" say "I need more time with you doing this". This allows them to fulfill your requirements without you dictating the solution.

    [–] Hetero Sapiens zeronine 3 points ago in Bandnames

    Only for some

    [–] r/kingbaby • the childish ego traits seen in people who have reached adulthood without acquiring emotional maturity zeronine 2 points ago * (lasted edited 17 days ago) in newreddits

    That's a great idea...

    edit: Oh dear, so I did just this and now the mod (OP here) is going nuts taking personal offense that I would dare question their sub -- even though they claim it's not their own content. And I'm being called ignorant and intolerant as a result. Again, irony much?

    edit 2: Oh this just keeps getting better:

    [–] A glass of milk spills. How does each subreddit react? zeronine 3 points ago in AskReddit

    I had no idea that sub was still going. I got kicked out by a mod by posting, in that sub, that it probably wouldn't work out. Which means I was removed for having an unpopular opinion.

    [–] Full Metal Aardvark zeronine 2 points ago in ProperAnimalNames