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    [–] Sword lesbian [spooky-space-babe] zeronine 2 points ago in PrincessesOfPower

    That's who I thought it was going to be, from the title

    [–] Grandpa's Porn Stash zeronine 5 points ago in Bandnames

    "Grandpa's Jukebox" was muddled to "Granballs Jookabox" and later just "Jookabox", which is a real band you should check out.

    [–] The view is far better than my Red Line car smells. zeronine 6 points ago in boston

    Same! I love that view, especially going Cambridge -> Boston, so you get the city and river coming into view as you come out of the tunnel.

    [–] I don't even have a joke for this. This photo hit me hard today. This is how the rest of world sees the US. zeronine 186 points ago in pics

    He has always been obese. The white house medical reports were fabricated to make him sound less so. Dude is really fat though. In other words, he lied. Surprising, right?

    [–] What did the farmer say when he lost his plow? zeronine 3 points ago in AntiJokes

    Of course, to rhyme with "dough", "through", and "cough". Makes perfect sense, that English.

    [–] Trump pledges transparency on Putin conversations after bombshell report zeronine 9 points ago in worldnews

    I always thought they were more Cheney than Bush, what with the contractor ties.

    [–] Entering the She-ra fandom like... zeronine 14 points ago in PrincessesOfPower

    "The love child of Voltron and Steven Universe" is .... very, very accurate.

    [–] When you ask your girl to make you a sandwich and she actually does zeronine 6 points ago in ProgrammerHumor

    Exactly! And that ridiculous stereotype fantasy was exactly the root of the joke. In reality We figured we'd order in pizza or something later, but then they showed up with this amazing spread for everyone. Good times, dude.

    [–] People who honk in traffic jams, what are you trying to achieve? zeronine 15 points ago in AskReddit

    Fun fact time!

    The fail horn is the same melody as the main theme, just in a minor key.

    [–] When you ask your girl to make you a sandwich and she actually does zeronine 18 points ago in ProgrammerHumor

    This reminds me of a time where three of my (male) friends and I (also a guy) got together to play Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. We set aside the whole Saturday to do it, and our respective SO's were going to go hang out too. The menfolk joked that we were going on an epic quest and the women shall bring us meats and ales! A couple hours in to our session, the ladies came back bearing a huge spread of deli sandwich makings and alcohols for us. They had literally gone on their own quest and brought the men meats and ales. We died laughing, and it was amazing.

    [–] Tae Kwon Don’t zeronine 2 points ago in Bandnames

    Tae Kwon Could You Not?

    [–] Representation Is Important zeronine 1 points ago in Voltron

    You're proving my point. He was gay and it wasn't a big deal in the show. It makes sense to me that it wasn't a big deal with his character. Why is it a big deal for you?

    Political correctness has nothing to do with this, snowflake.