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    [–] Love you lucy zeusssssss 23 points ago in LSD

    Whats an ego death like?

    [–] The Martian pulled me out of a book-less rut zeusssssss 16 points ago in books

    Listened to the audiobook over 20 times now....

    [–] Getting Pummeled zeusssssss 9 points ago in HadToHurt

    This is what i was looking for

    [–] HadToHurt zeusssssss 1 points ago in HadToHurt

    Thanks for trying

    [–] HadToHurt zeusssssss 6 points ago in HadToHurt

    Sauce? Any news?

    [–] Choker zeusssssss 3 points ago in collegesluts

    She looks VERY..... whats the opposite of excited?

    [–] Snorkeling zeusssssss 2 points ago in CuteLittleButts


    [–] My daughter doesn't want me to sing her to sleep anymore :( zeusssssss 38 points ago in Parenting

    Hey fellow dad, as a working dad myself i get it, you don't have all that time with them, my little one used to love to let me push her in her seing, now its mom. It hurts but its not malicious. They just are VERY open to voicing what they want. I try to think of it as practice for later, i know to stay in her life i will need to adapt to her likes and passions. I don't care about tea parties or princesses, butbif that's what she is into.... i will be so into princesses it will make disney look like trash. I guess what i am trying to say is. Im sorry you lost what you loved, BUT find something new for you two!

    [–] I'm a 18(m) daycare worker in a weird position need advice zeusssssss 7 points ago in Parenting

    Not op, tried checking google, couldn't really find anything other than mothers are more likely to physically abuse kids than fathers, but fathers are more severe if they do. Sooooo i dunno where OP got that

    [–] A teen saves for 2 years to buy his friend an electric wheelchair zeusssssss 1 points ago in news

    Health insurers can no longer charge more or deny coverage to you or your child because of a pre-existing health condition like asthma, diabetes, or cancer. They cannot limit benefits for that condition either. Once you have insurance, they can't refuse to cover treatment for your pre-existing condition. Source

    [–] A teen saves for 2 years to buy his friend an electric wheelchair zeusssssss -10 points ago in news

    Aren't you on parents till 26 or something now? I mean, have you gone to school? Gotten a job with healthcare coverage? I just don't know why you are stressing. Not trying to be a dick just really don't get your issue

    [–] me before my bf comes in July zeusssssss 34 points ago in LongDistance

    Ur use of past and future tense is confusing