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    [–] Texas hazlewood question zirus1701 1 points ago in Veterans

    They're probably telling you that because there's some stipulation that to use Hazelwood hours you have to have no other federal benefit (i.e. GI Bill) left. Some schools enforce it, others don't, but it is on the Hazelwood website the last time I looked.

    [–] It probably smell nice zirus1701 24 points ago in WTF

    Why monkey, why?

    [–] Monkey with a meat cleaver zirus1701 2 points ago in WTF

    It's all fun and games until Bobo decides to rip your fucking face off.

    [–] TIFU by staying naked because I was home alone zirus1701 93 points ago in tifu

    Make eye contact and don't act ashamed. What you're doing is completely normal. What they're doing, however, is completely weird. Clothes are for wimps. You need to exert dominance. Once that's all done and they know they're being dominated, start stroking it while maintaining eye contact.

    They'll think twice about saying "umm" and move along like nothing ever happened.

    [–] [S] NOVA S01 to S10 zirus1701 1 points ago in DHExchange

    I've got S29E11!

    [–] Shoes swallowed by escalator zirus1701 1 points ago in WTF

    Guy is lucky to be alive! By all rights he should have died in that accident.

    [–] More HDDs than SATA ports on your motherboard? zirus1701 3 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in PleX

    You get a PCI-express SAS controller to install. They come in 2 and 4 port varieties, and you get SAS to SATA cables (turns one SAS port to 4 SATA connectors) to plug into it to connect your hard drives. That could be 16 drives per card, a couple of PCI-Express slots and you'll have more SATA connectors than you have room for hard drives.

    Edit: I'm in no way recommending this specific one, but here is one example of what I'm talking about: (it's a 2 port variety).

    and for cables:

    [–] What are some good books to learn everything you need to know about lawn care? zirus1701 7 points ago in lawncare

    Live in Texas and have St. Augustine? Here's your bible:

    It covers everything except diseases. If you follow the guide though, you shouldn't really have to deal with them too much.

    [–] What events can we attend to honor the fallen? zirus1701 1 points ago in Midessa

    By voting for something other than republican in the next election.

    [–] Active Shooter near Twin Peaks in Odessa, TX zirus1701 1 points ago in news

    It's in the Odessa mall, but otherwise correct.

    [–] Best internet service provider for Odessa? zirus1701 11 points ago in Midessa

    Grade is probably the best in the area.

    [–] Load Balancing between two plex servers. zirus1701 2 points ago in PleX

    I did a research topic during my undergrad on load balancing between multiple Plex Servers or Kodi Servers. Basically, you run into problems that make it not possible.

    We used HAProxy to balance the connections between multiple back end servers. With Kodi the situation you run into is that the client is directed to the first server, which works OK. But when you click on a link you get directed to a different server that didn't have all the session info as the first, so you get some pretty unexpected results. Like you click on a link to go to one page, and you end out just in a loop, or in places you don't even expect. Kodi worked arguably better than Plex, but was still unusable. I suspect if you configure the HAProxy to only load balance the first connection and then maintain it after that, it would work. We never figured out how to do that part.

    With Plex all the servers show up on your account and you select which one you want. Your connection to the first server will be load balanced if you use the IP to connect initially, but then after that Plex will direct you to whatever server is your default, or the one that you choose completely ignoring the HAProxy.

    We did this setup with 10 Server nodes, 1 HAProxy Load Balancer, and 1 client.

    [–] School won’t let me have a real cactus so this timer will have to do zirus1701 3 points ago in cactus

    My grandma was really worried about me having a cactus with my kid around. I told her, yeah, she'll touch it once and learn to never touch it again. And that's exactly what happened. She touched it once and gave me like a "WTF?" look. Kids are dumb, but not that dumb.

    [–] What are some great ‘fuck you’ songs? zirus1701 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Really, the only answer here should be "Fuck You" by Robin og Bugge.

    [–] This girl takes counting backwards literally zirus1701 3 points ago in funny

    I think you're right about that actually.

    [–] This girl takes counting backwards literally zirus1701 29 points ago in funny

    We were writing down stuff the teacher said one day in second grade. Teacher says "Scratch that" so I started scratching the page, really confused. She came over and erased it for me, and I felt like a complete idiot. x.x So yeah, metaphors can be though when you're little.

    [–] Sett i Gang zirus1701 2 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in norsk

    I did the Sett i Gang books with a teacher on iTalki. I thought overall they were a pretty good introduction to Norwegian, probably about A2.

    After Sett i Gang 2 we've gone on to Stein på Stein that I'm about done with, and we're moving on to Her på Berget. I think after both of the Sett i Gang books, hours of lessons, hours of duolingo, watching NRK TV, listening to the Norsklærer Karense podcasts and videos, I'm probably about B1. I think it'll take me just as much effort as it took to get to B1 to get to B2.

    It was pretty quick at first, but it seems the more I do the harder it gets (maybe it's just me). It's been difficult because I don't live in Norway, and I've never had a conversation in person, it's all been on Skype or Discord.

    [–] When you look up to someone and he's right beside you. zirus1701 2 points ago in aww

    Yeah, it's definitely this one. The way the player caught that ball was nothing short of professional. Went behind the kid's glove, so if the kid could have caught it, he would have. In this case, he was wrong enough to take one to the head, and at the last millisecond he knew, thus the brace for impact. Instead, he got saved by the player he didn't even know was there.