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    [–] Well well well zmajevi 2 points ago in DontFundMe

    How is it diverting resources?

    [–] Well well well zmajevi 2 points ago in DontFundMe

    So you just have a philosophical issue with it then. Whether you like it or not, modeling of any form is a job and appearance is the biggest part of that. Any cosmetic changes for people who do this type of work is purely an investment. It's not like your average person just wanting to look better or more attractive. These people are already attractive and just doing any little thing they can to increase exposure.

    [–] Well well well zmajevi 11 points ago in DontFundMe

    Why? Because you say so or is there a more reasonable answer?

    [–] Well well well zmajevi 5 points ago in DontFundMe

    I would agree if this is to get implants. However, I have no problem with people giving her money to fix a compressed nerve from implants she already has and presumably paid for herself. Compressed nerves hurt like hell. It's not all black and white, there's shades to life.

    [–] Well well well zmajevi 10 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in DontFundMe

    If people want to give this girl money for this surgery it's their prerogative. People can do what they want with their money even if others disagree. She is also not seeking money for a cosmetic surgery either. It's to fix a complication from her already existing implants.

    [–] Well well well zmajevi 18 points ago in DontFundMe

    You dont have to tolerate someone's job to be sympathetic for their suffering

    [–] Well well well zmajevi 24 points ago in DontFundMe

    Her job is all about appearance. If everything she is saying is true, she likely got those implants as an investment to increase the numbers of her followers which would lead to more revenue down the line. Dont lose your humanity just because you disagree with someone's decision of changing their own body. She is likely in a lot of pain if a nerve is being compressed and no one deserves that no matter how vain their reason was for getting implants.

    [–] 'Umbrella Academy' Draws 45 Million Global Viewers, Netflix Says zmajevi 3 points ago in television

    they dont even release how they count viewers

    it's definitely a lower standard than that


    [–] How Popeyes Be Training They Employees zmajevi 7 points ago in videos

    To add to that, just because one chooses to eat at chick fil a doesnt mean they support their views. I hate when people try to label it anti-gay for eating at chick fil a. Like no dude I just like their chicken, be as gay as you want to be.

    [–] [25M] My Highschool Sweetheart[23F] that I’ve been with for 9 years is self-destructing and leaving me zmajevi 4 points ago in relationships

    If someone is drinking a lot at the same time they are ruining their relationships and sabotaging their grades then it is perfectly reasonable to consider alcohol as part of the problem. The line separating alcohol abuse and dependence is very thin.

    [–] [25M] My Highschool Sweetheart[23F] that I’ve been with for 9 years is self-destructing and leaving me zmajevi 4 points ago in relationships

    Just as an aside, alcoholism is a deep issue. It's not just a superficial issue, but has deep rooted effects on an individuals health, psyche, and relationships among other things.

    [–] D1Baseball Top 25: UCLA Leaves Upheaval In Its Wake zmajevi 0 points ago in collegebaseball

    Whether it was a joke or not, still a comment that makes you laugh slightly either way

    [–] D1Baseball Top 25: UCLA Leaves Upheaval In Its Wake zmajevi 1 points ago in collegebaseball

    It's ironic that a SEC flair would be mentioning ACC bias lol

    [–] [Lee] Joel Embiid said Amir Johnson's daughter is sick & he was looking at an update on his cellphone when cameras caught them. zmajevi -2 points ago in nba

    That video doesnt prove they weren't laughing. It cuts off too fast. I'm not saying they were because I wasnt watching it that intently at the time, but the video you linked doesnt prove it one way or the other.

    [–] Caris LeVert drains the 3 against the 76ers, leading to boos from the crowd zmajevi 5 points ago in nba

    It's not useless if you're just talking about a players current form. Poor form for a couple of weeks heading into the playoffs is a fair thing to discuss

    [–] My girlfriend (24F) had a bad experience with sex when she was young. I (23M) have tried to be supportive, but now I am worried that I can't do it. zmajevi 23 points ago in relationships

    Your not understanding it is just anecdotal. It's not important to you because you dont like it. Some (probably most) people just like sex and connect with one another via that activity. It may be a physical activity, but it affects people emotionally in different ways, unlike a simple scratch.

    [–] Donovan Mitchell 2nd Year Comparison zmajevi 1 points ago in nba

    Let's not pretend like this debate doesnt get the Suns fans going. You straight up brought Booker into the conversation without being prompted.

    [–] What are your first thoughts on this photo? zmajevi 2 points ago in CollegeBasketball

    Even Siva admitted it was a clean block. Like Bruce Pearl said, it's all part of the game. They still had time to make plays and take the game at that point, if they were capable.