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    [–] Paul pierce doesn’t get enough credit for playing 82 games after getting stabbed 11 times and almost dying. zmajevi 44 points ago in nba

    That makes sense for the torso. But he also got stabbed in the neck and face. It's much easier to kill someone going for the neck than the torso, all you have to do is cut the carotid artery which is not very deep at all. Not to mention they could also get the trachea or spinal cord. The face is problematic too because it's inches from the brain.

    [–] [Charania] The NBA and Sacramento Kings have closed investigation of head coach Luke Walton regarding improper behavior, determining that there was not sufficient basis to support the allegations made against Walton. zmajevi 6 points ago in nba

    I think it has more do to with the prevalence of sex. Being framed for murder can also ruin your life but it's not viewed in the same way because how often are you in a situation where a dead body pops up around you. But with sex, everyone is either having sex or have the hope of doing so, and it scares people because it seems like more of a plausible reality to be accused of falsely sexually assaulting someone than it does to be framed for murder.

    [–] Paul pierce doesn’t get enough credit for playing 82 games after getting stabbed 11 times and almost dying. zmajevi 204 points ago in nba

    Wow stabbed in the neck, face, and torso and not only lived but had no complications. Either he's the luckiest guy alive or his attacker is just the most inept wielder of a sharp object of all time.

    [–] Boban shakes hands with a regular sized human zmajevi 12 points ago in nba

    Ok, who the hell is funding all this research into dick size lmao

    [–] Wife in UAE seeks divorce because husband loves her a lot, doesn't argue with her zmajevi 5 points ago in nottheonion

    That begs the question then, did she just not pay attention to him at all before agreeing to marry. Surely she'd have noticed his character before deciding to say yes

    [–] Who needs proven medicine when you have veggies? zmajevi 3 points ago in quityourbullshit

    I almost want to just say let idiots believe what they want and let natural selection play out like it's meant to, but then again maybe there's people out there who truly dont understand why that claim was horrendously idiotic. Even people like Steve jobs bought into fake bs like this

    [–] LeBron when asked how to slow down Steph Curry, "The same way you slow me cant" zmajevi 2 points ago in nba

    Narcissism is classified as a personailty disorder, so unless you are a certified psychiatrist you have absolutely no ground to be making statements like this.

    [–] [Cadena SER] PSG has rejected the offer from Barcelona for Neymar, 10m euros for a loan with a purchase option for 170m at the end of the season. zmajevi 0 points ago in soccer

    Eh your club tends to piss off other clubs during the course of negotiations. That's why liverpool had a clause in the coutinho deal preventing Barca from coming after their players until 2021

    [–] Made sure my ex didn't get his dream job zmajevi 27 points ago in ProRevenge

    He's already got access to guns with or without a military background (if in the US of course)

    [–] Leon Bailey about Kai Havertz: „His ability to achieve great so young reminds me of myself in his age“ zmajevi 3 points ago in soccer

    Maybe this is just a difference of views, but that doesnt sound like a dick move to me at all. He didnt value playing for the national team over his family and I cant fault him for that.

    [–] Girl posts a picture of herself and cat on r/aww. Doesn't appreciate comments being downvoted. Goes exactly how you'd expect. zmajevi 1 points ago in SubredditDrama

    I dont really visit r/aww that much, but I can understand why they'd downvote that post. I dont see how that picture would elicit anyone to say "aww". Sometimes lessons are learned the hard way. Now she knows the nature of reddit