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    [–] Pornthany Fucktano zol98 23 points ago in SmallDeliMeats

    It’s from this weeks podcast!

    [–] Finally, a baby pan in my everyday palette. Tartelette in Bloom. zol98 2 points ago in PanPorn

    This is my favorite palette ever. I’m so close to hitting pan on smarty pants!

    [–] Norman Rockwell - Triple Self-Portrait (1960) zol98 6 points ago in museum

    I spy Dürer, Rembrandt, and Van Gogh!

    [–] Interesting. zol98 77 points ago in BadMUAs

    All I can think about is that lady who got here eye removed because she got a piece of glitter in it 😣

    [–] Submit Disney Theories Here! zol98 2 points ago in OffhandDisney

    I don’t have a theory but once my brother stuck his hand out during the Peter Pan ride and grabbed a light during that part when you’re flying over the city and he got shocked by the electricity. He deserved it tho.

    [–] I'm done zol98 3 points ago in eczema

    God. I’m going through the exact same thing right now. It’s painful in the morning when I wake up and my eyes can barely open. I have red blotchy skin all over me and it’s embarrassing. You’re not alone 💜

    [–] So true zol98 4 points ago in MuseumPros

    Lol, you should see how many visitor violation slips we gotta fill out whenever someone touches a painting.

    [–] Lemon curd buttercream macs🍋 zol98 2 points ago in Baking

    Wow! I’m so jealous of your macarons! Mine always come out so bad

    [–] That’s a low blow zol98 2 points ago in OffhandDisney


    [–] Left is a highly edited photo from her Insta. The right is a screen shot from a new preview of Ellen airing soon. Yikes zol98 6 points ago in Instagramreality

    She’s slightly bent over. It’s kind of sad. There’s a full clip of it somewhere but she was basically there to promote her fitness show and watching her do the exercises was strange, it looked quite forced. It’s almost as if her body wasn’t achieved through strict exercise regime.

    [–] Found an amazing book on Picasso’s drawings in a charity shop. Look at these horse studies for Guernica! zol98 7 points ago in ArtHistory

    I’ve always found it interesting how he could manifest such anthropomorphic feelings of despair onto his horses in this piece!

    [–] CONTENT REVIEW zol98 2 points ago in PewdiepieSubmissions

    He thinks he can get away with just putting clips in the intro... WE WANT A WHOLE VIDEO DAMMIT

    [–] I don’t even know the correct sub for this garbage zol98 48 points ago in Nicegirls

    This is exactly how I interpreted it as well.

    [–] Momo que....?? zol98 168 points ago in LatinoPeopleTwitter

    That’s his piñata arm

    [–] This narcissistic psychopath zol98 25 points ago in hittableFaces

    IIRC He was doing it in some wetlands by his house that are being protected and he filmed himself doing it

    [–] cheesy c r o m c h zol98 10 points ago in cromch

    Cats are silly creatures lol. Does he like to eat Doritos or does he just cronch them?

    [–] Some masterpieces zol98 2 points ago in thewalkingdead

    Definitely! This artist has a great grasp on shadows and textures, they might need to work a tiny bit on proportions though.

    [–] Some masterpieces zol98 4 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago) in thewalkingdead

    You’re right, they’re worth much much more than $600