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    [–] A coworker asked me for a hug last night. zombiemakemelol 1 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    New cook sounds like he could be a future rapist if he doesn't have a change in his life. Some of what he said reminds me of INCEL/nice guy culture.

    I worked as a cashier, waiter, and cook when I was in college. Remember the kitchen manager. Not being a shitty human being isn't something that needs to be rewarded, but neither should it be ignored. When you serve customers in the future and if they bitch at your kitchen, remember that an honest to God good person runs it and try to block some of the customer bull shit when possible. He sounds like a leader that inspires people to follow him, your lucky to have a good boss around.

    Anyway, sorry about the creep. Keep pepper spray around and look at some self defense videos. Unfortunately we live in a world where being a woman means you have a target on you.

    [–] Father of murdered Parkland student slams Marco Rubio over God and gun violence -- "Marco, where was God when my daughter was getting shot? How about you put your time into helping me deal with the issue of gun violence and stop acting like a pretend preacher on Twitter" zombiemakemelol 40 points ago in atheism

    Now I can't help but notice crossovers with politicians and televangelists.

    • Ask for money and spend it wantonly.

    • Make promises they either can't keep, or had no intention of keeping.

    • Plays on people's emotions.

    • Revered by many, despised by more.

    • Revisionist history.

    • Claims responsibility for things they didn't do.

    • Don't live up to the values they espouse.

    [–] Woman cutting her birthday cake in Tehran, Iran 1973 zombiemakemelol 189 points ago in OldSchoolCool

    I'd like to add France to this list.

    Arbitrarily drawing lines in the sand fucked up a lot of the nomadic people in the area and this was mostly done by UK and France.

    [–] What’s something small you can start doing today to better yourself? zombiemakemelol 2 points ago in AskReddit

    Do your dishes as you cook, and right after you eat.

    Letting them sit and pile makes it harder to clean, your kitchen smell and it just looks bad.

    [–] TIL the FBI followed Einstein, compiling a 1,400pg file, after branding him as a communist because he joined an anti-lynching civil rights group zombiemakemelol 2 points ago in todayilearned

    Want's more government, simultaneously says public education is bad and used to brainwash people. Lol

    Teacher's aren't being coerced by the government in some conspiracy to subvert communism. It's just a shitty ideology and consequently doesn't have a large following.

    [–] Complete anarchy, has rules. Pick one. zombiemakemelol 0 points ago in COMPLETEANARCHY

    If that's what you think happened, your movement is just as successful IRL as it is online.

    [–] Not much difference zombiemakemelol 1 points ago in Libertarian

    Lol no. Gonna copy pasts here:

    What specifically is economic fascism? Here are 10 key points: 1. It begins with the belief that all of us owe unconditional allegiance to our nation-state that, according to fascist theoretician Mario Palmeri, will achieve “a new and higher form of life founded upon the basis of a fairer distribution of good things among the various classes…The state must be a social, political, economic, moral and religious organism built as a pyramid, and at the top is the national hero, the greatest man of his time.” Mussolini is credited with originating the totalitarian formula: “all is for the state, nothing is outside the state, nothing and no one are against the state.”

    1. Economic fascism is a variety of socialism – individual rights may be routinely suppressed in the name of “social justice,” “national greatness” or some other utopian ideal. The Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises pointed out that “the economic program of Italian Fascism did not differ from the program of British Guild Socialism as propagated by the most eminent British and European socialists.” See, for example, Sidney and Beatrice Webb’s A Constitution for the Socialist Commonwealth of Great Britain(1920).”

    2. When government becomes dysfunctional, because of runaway spending, unsustainable debt, a war gone wrong or other crises, people often clamor for a strong man to restore order. Mussolini recalled the horrors that led him to seize power: “We saw passing before our eyes the dreadful panorama of chaos and of evil forces which had broken into a gallop, tragic beyond words to one who loved his country.”

    3. Politicians know better than private citizens what should be done. “Government alone,” Mussolini insisted, “is in the right position to see things from the point of view of the general welfare.” The government’s responsibility is to determine how much money is invested, how and where it should be invested and how the results will be judged. In Italy after 1925, all this was done through government-controlled cartels, such as the National Fascist Confederation of Industry, the National Fascist Confederation of Agriculture, the National Fascist Confederation of Commerce and the National Fascist Confederation of Banking.

    4. With so much at stake, a strong man must not be hampered by an archaic constitution that unreasonably limits his power. If a constitution makes it difficult for a strong man to appoint his cronies to high positions, he should disregard the constitution and appoint them anyway – challenge adversaries to stop him! Similarly, a strong man should disregard laws or judicial decisions that interfere with his ability to carry out his program. A strong man must follow the command of his conscience to make a power grab.

    5. Political leaders must be willing to play hardball. Mussolini seemed to admire the German statesman Otto von Bismarck who famously remarked, “Not through speeches and majority decisions will the great questions of the day be decided, but by blood and iron.” Mussolini recalled his battles against communists: “It was time for chivalrous violence to beat the violent forces of evil on the very ground they had chosen…Fascism, a unique lighthouse in a sea of cowardice and compromise, engaged itself in battles…the iron necessity of violence was confirmed.” Mussolini didn’t see any reason to tolerate publishers with politically incorrect views. He bragged, “I abolished the subversive press whose only function was to inflame men’s minds. Not a day goes by that we do not feel in Italian life how much good has been wrought by these measures against the forces of disintegration, disorder and disloyalty.”

    6. The most effective way to attract political support is to give away other people’s money. Monthly payments are better than a lump sum, since monthly payments encourage dependence. Bismarck observed, “Whoever has a pension for his old age is far more content and far easier to handle than one who has no such prospect.” Mussolini doubled the number of bureaucrats, in part, to put intellectuals on the public payroll so they would have incentives to praise him endlessly. He subsidized friendly newspapers, providing paychecks for many journalists.

    7. Build up political slush funds by awarding subsidies, tax breaks, tariff protection and regulatory carve-outs for capitalist cronies. They will become dependent on continued special favors. During the 1930s, reportedly three-quarters of Italian businesses were dependent on special favors, and they were anxious to make more political contributions.

    8. Seduce the media. Journalists tend to be wowed by power, they love to be flattered, they enjoy writing about colorful personalities and dramatic spectacles. Mussolini organized the October 1922 March on Rome, when tens of thousands of fascists gathered in major cities and moved toward the capital. This intimidated King Victor Emmanuel who decided that the least bad option was to avoid a violent coup by asking Mussolini to form a government. After he did that, he began to consolidate his power. His regime produced a bewildering number of parades, ornate uniforms, photo opps and mass gatherings. Public works construction proceeded apace all over Italy – some 400 bridges, 4,000 miles of roads and grandiose buildings for fascist party offices, post offices and sports arenas. Mussolini vowed that within five years, Italy would become “as powerful as it was in the times of the Augustan empire.”

    [–] No other way to solve this problem... zombiemakemelol 3 points ago in Libertarian

    Again with the extremism. There is no middle ground before being a "commie"?

    [–] Complete anarchy, has rules. Pick one. zombiemakemelol 1 points ago in COMPLETEANARCHY

    I confined myself to one post. I'm not raiding posts here with multiple accounts, I made a single post. Low effort and dumb? Sure. But I'm not going out of my way to he a complete douche bag. I just created a single post and then fucked with people that chose to interact with me.

    [–] No other way to solve this problem... zombiemakemelol -3 points ago in Libertarian

    Statist or libertarian, no middle ground? This is fucking stupid.

    [–] Complete anarchy, has rules. Pick one. zombiemakemelol 1 points ago in COMPLETEANARCHY

    Funny story, I came here because a frequent poster here was trolling a sub I like. Was cooking and drinking all day, thought it would be fun to troll back. Good times. 😀

    [–] Complete anarchy, has rules. Pick one. zombiemakemelol 1 points ago in COMPLETEANARCHY

    Completely discounted what I said? Of course. I can afford food for my hog, you can't for your people. Hilarious that this has become your edgy talking point. How about you feed some bitches? Awww you can't!

    [–] Not much difference zombiemakemelol 1 points ago in Libertarian

    Volkswagen started under the nazis, specifically so everyone could have a car, hence the name, people's car.

    Hate it all you want, but history disagrees with you.

    [–] Complete anarchy, has rules. Pick one. zombiemakemelol -4 points ago in COMPLETEANARCHY

    Lol the "show hog" thing. In a capitalist country we get pigs so fat we have a contest, in a socialist country half of Ukraine or China dies. Love this comeback, keep it up kids!

    [–] Father of Guatemalan girl who died in US custody has 'no complaints' about her treatment, consul says zombiemakemelol 2 points ago in news

    The poorest in Mexico, Central America, and South America tend to be indigenous populations who speak no English OR Spanish. My father in law grew up with an Aztec dialect before he learned Spanish. These people are second class citizens within their countries, much like native Americans in the US.

    [–] Complete anarchy, has rules. Pick one. zombiemakemelol -1 points ago in COMPLETEANARCHY

    It's ok, I'll enjoy my rights, my guns, my brown wife, and my job; I feel like everyone on this sub will enjoy none of these things.