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    [–] What's a taboo question that you're too afraid or embarrassed to ask? zombychicken 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Sounds like you have ADD/ADHD as others are saying. Best ways to fix it are medication or meditation. Meditation is surprisingly effective but it has hippy connotations to it so not many people do it. It's surprisingly effective though.

    [–] Bikes on campus? zombychicken 1 points ago in uofm

    Since there's enough people here telling you to get a lock, I'll offer some advice that you might not otherwise think of: Definitely buy a can of WD-40 for use on the lock (if you get one with a key). Leaving the lock outside all the time will make it rust pretty quickly, and keeping the lock well lubricated will keep it from doing that. Also, DON'T use WD-40 on your chain, as that will disolve the grease that already keeps it lubricated.

    [–] I'm a 25 year old male. Do I really need 8 hours of sleep at night? zombychicken 1 points ago in NoStupidQuestions

    I love the guys quote, “The percentage of people who only need fewer than seven hours of sleep, rounded to a whole number, is 0”.

    [–] Met JBP last night. Here's what I noticed. zombychicken 16 points ago in JordanPeterson

    Any specific works by him that you'd recommend?

    [–] Canada sends its regards, eh zombychicken 16 points ago in PoliticalHumor

    Same in NE Ohio. We did it reddit!

    [–] The USA invented nukes which makes them better than Canada zombychicken 5 points ago in ShitAmericansSay

    Here is the wikipedia page on it. The story goes that he wanted to see whether or not a galloping horse ever lifts all of its legs off the ground at once. He set up 24 cameras with trip wires and had a horse run past them, triggering the cameras in rapid succession. So again, it depends on your definition of film. He made a continuous "motion-picture" of a singular event, which could be a film, but the fact that it wasn't a singular camera might disqualify it. Then again, the bullet time effect in the Matrix was created using the same concept, so the argument could go either way.

    [–] This guy is prime white knight material zombychicken 19 points ago in whiteknighting

    I applaud you for having the most ridiculous post history I've ever seen. Trolling at this magnitude takes dedication.

    [–] The USA invented nukes which makes them better than Canada zombychicken 5 points ago in ShitAmericansSay

    To be fair, depending on who you ask, the first video was arguably made by Leland Stanford in 1878 in California. It really depends on your definition of video though, since he used multiple cameras to film it.

    [–] Broki appears at the worst of times zombychicken 11 points ago in swoleacceptance

    Brother, is thine arm able to move freely in all directions. Canst thou reach towards the stars that Brodin hath created as well as down to the ground that Brodin hath blessed? Canst thou reach to the side and behind thy back? If thy movement is impaired, Broki hath certainly cursed you with a tear! Seek out a healer who is swole of mind lest thy workouts be halted and thy gains be withered. If thy movement is free but not without, however, see a healer as well, for a strain or partial tear may be upon you. Do not as I have done and ignore this curse, for eight moons have passed since I last completed a shoulder press.

    [–] My grandfather didn't die in World War 2 just so YOU can play as women he died so you can respawn after dying. zombychicken 119 points ago in Battlefield

    That is the origin of the word, but it's already an established thing. It's not specific to BFV. Its a term for people who seemingly have a hardon for Nazi shit, insist that the Germans were technologically superior in every way, etc.

    [–] Frat. Or, Not Frat zombychicken 12 points ago in Frat

    Getting robbed three times in one night because someone left the back door unlocked

    [–] My grandfather didn't die in World War 2 just so YOU can play as women he died so you can respawn after dying. zombychicken 266 points ago in Battlefield

    I honestly can't believe this sub have the same exact reaction that everyone over at /r/CallofDuty had last year over WWII. I thought this outrage shit was settled. Battlefield 1 was insanely inaccurate but almost nobody really gave a shit because it was fun. But the second world war has something that WWI never had: Wehraboos who don't understand the basics of economics, probably because they haven't been to high school yet.

    [–] Calling me uneducated was the LAST STRAW (from r/battlefield) zombychicken 32 points ago in copypasta

    I love how in Inglorious Basterds, Hitler and all the top Nazis get killed by a team of kamikaze American Jews and nobody bats an eye. But God forbid a gaming company makes a game with no season pass, no DLC, not lootboxes, and compensates for this they add more player customization options.

    [–] TIL Pizza was invented in New York zombychicken 41 points ago in ShitAmericansSay

    To be fair, everyone in every language butchers words from other languages. Ask a Frenchman to pronounce "Leicester" and see how that goes.

    [–] Coffee lol zombychicken 12 points ago in uofm

    For some reason, I seem to remember JavaBlu being made and packaged by Espresso Royale. I could be wrong though.