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    [–] Oops didn’t meant to drive to Yellowstone zombychicken 22 points ago in OopsDidntMeanTo

    Also, Yellowstone is big as fuck. It’s pretty plausible that someone could accidentally drive to it via a lesser known route.

    [–] the end of a not-so-beautiful friendship ft. you know who zombychicken 0 points ago in enoughpetersonspam

    This sounds like less of an issue with Jordan Peterson and more of an issue with the friend being an asshole.

    [–] Philbert Credits Easter Egg zombychicken 19 points ago in BoJackHorseman

    I didn’t notice it until right now, so not for some of us haha.

    [–] What do people not realize is just marketing? zombychicken 3 points ago in AskReddit

    As someone who just came from a college career fair, there was a big name cosmetics company recruiting chemical engineers, so it’s not entirely out of the question that they also do real research on their products.

    [–] always zombychicken 1 points ago in dankmemes

    Knock knock it’s the United States.

    [–] Any Jocko fans ? zombychicken 6 points ago in JoeRogan

    Same with the rape of Nanking episode and the unit 731 episode. When in doubt, look for Japanese war atrocities to motivate you.

    [–] I cried for the first time in years yesterday. It was definitely a sad cry, but it honestly felt great. zombychicken 2 points ago in CasualConversation

    Man that’s really nice. Funny enough, yesterday was right before I was hosting one of my good friend’s birthday party so maybe that has something to do with it. Maybe birthdays are a reminder that life keeps moving forward and can bring up some negative emotions that have been lingering for a while.

    [–] The first unmanned and autonomous sailboat has successfully crossed the Atlantic Ocean, completing the journey between Newfoundland, Canada, and Ireland. The 1,800 mile journey took two and a half months. zombychicken 1 points ago in Futurology

    To be honest, I’m not entirely sure. It probably depends on a ton of different factors (e.g. ships can carry more cargo in the summer because of calmer waters, ships are required to burn cleaner fuel in certain areas, etc.). Like another commenter said, trains can’t exactly swim, so shipping is basically required to cross oceans (air travel is much more inefficient than shipping). I think we can all agree though that shipping and training(?) are both more efficient than trucking and flying.

    [–] The first unmanned and autonomous sailboat has successfully crossed the Atlantic Ocean, completing the journey between Newfoundland, Canada, and Ireland. The 1,800 mile journey took two and a half months. zombychicken 0 points ago in Futurology

    There are also people like you who forget that sulfur oxide naturally occurs in the ocean at quantities far greater than humans could pollute if they tried (even still, regulations are greatly reducing the amount of sulfur pollution allowed) and that NOx pollution is so heavily regulated that it will hardly be produced at all by any ships built after 2020 (roughly 1/5th the allowable level of the year 2011).

    [–] Watch out, Mozart. zombychicken 29 points ago in iamverysmart

    God damn this fucking infuriates me. When asked how he composed his songs, Mozart said, “I do not hear in my imagination the parts successively, but I hear them gleich alles zusammen – at the same time all together.” This man heard entire fucking symphonies in his head before he wrote them. And this fuckwit thinks he can do better.

    [–] Hit me in the feels zombychicken 1 points ago in EngineeringStudents

    That sounds like something a synth would say!

    [–] Buys new tool and posts picture with the full set zombychicken 7 points ago in HailCorporate

    I swear to Christ I’m not a shill but Dewalt does make pretty good tools. I think this guy might just be a guy who really likes Dewalt.

    [–] List of subjects to cover in our ultimate Peterson critique post zombychicken -1 points ago in enoughpetersonspam

    Because then arguments in favor of Peterson wouldn’t be downvoted to hell and a civil discussion might ensue. The horror!

    [–] [FIRST IMPRESSIONS] Eminem - Kamikaze zombychicken -4 points ago in hiphopheads

    I have legitimately never listened to a rap album in its entirety before today. I normally listen to prog/classic rock so I’ve been trying to broaden my music tastes recently. Decided to listen to the first song on this album and holy FUCK it was so good I listened to the full album twice in a row. I barely know any of the history between Eminem and the people he disses here, but you don’t need to have a PHD to know that he verbally fucked everyone. This album is fantastic.