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    [–] Marzia & Felix - wedding 19.08.2019 zr0gravity7 -12 points ago in PewdiepieSubmissions

    Ehh you can only lose 10 karma on a downvoted comment I think.

    I would trade 10 karma to make a bunch of 9 year olds seething everyday of the week.

    [–] (No) Thanks, Smokey! zr0gravity7 1 points ago in videos

    Thanks for the source

    [–] Man up and never break a bone zr0gravity7 1 points ago in Neverbrokeabone

    Wait I cut my nails yesterday am i still in?

    [–] Ben trying to play the "he died" card, lol zr0gravity7 33 points ago in ENLIGHTENEDCENTRISM

    Ill only say good things about him then:

    David Koch died? Good.

    [–] SLPT: How to be immune to cancer zr0gravity7 103 points ago in ShittyLifeProTips

    Pretty sure its been debunked but whatev its not like that going to stop you animals.

    [–] HARD R zr0gravity7 4 points ago in GamersRiseUp

    This is a high form of art

    [–] Epic superpower zr0gravity7 1 points ago in godtiersuperpowers

    Unsubscribe from Foreskin Facts ™️.


    [–] Is codeacademy a good place to learn? zr0gravity7 1 points ago in learnpython

    no it is not. It gives you the impression that you know what you are doing. But then you finish the course with litteraly so many questions.

    [–] I Owe Many of You an Apology zr0gravity7 0 points ago in DestinyTheGame

    Tbh im getting tired of the clickbait on this sub