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    [–] R. Soldado great goal! (Fenerbahçe 1 - 0 Bursaspor 19') zrkillerbush 1 points ago in soccer

    Makes sense for us to recall him, we need someone to get on the end of crosses and hes been playing shit for you

    [–] Will the new training ground hinder our ability to buy players in the near future? zrkillerbush 4 points ago in lcfc

    Do you have a source on that? i heard someone at work mention the same thing.

    Also we are planning a stadium expansion some time in the next few seasons, expensive for sure.

    [–] Puel has a worse record than shakespeare zrkillerbush 7 points ago in lcfc

    I mean if your expectations are higher than 7th, then yes, they are too high.

    [–] Puel has a worse record than shakespeare zrkillerbush 17 points ago in lcfc

    Sample size isn't big enough for Shakespeare though.

    There's a lot more to it than just win percentage.

    We have a net spend lower than Cardiff, we lost our best player, we lost our owner etc

    [–] Sterling fouled in the box, no penalty given zrkillerbush 12 points ago in soccer

    Every single fanbase on the planet boos players after they go down or make a bad tackle

    [–] Activision Is Now Charging $2 For A Reticle In Black Ops 4. This Just Shows How Much They Care About The Community And How Little Respect They Have For Us. zrkillerbush 1 points ago in xboxone

    Ubisoft still does DLC and microtransactions

    The division 2 will feature microtransactions with free DLC

    Halo still does microtransactions (and Halo Wars 2 had DLC didn't it? Along with purchasable leaders)

    I dont know much about Halo Wars 2, but all Halo 5 DLC is free

    (Personal opinion: The issue there is that leads to lower quality DLC. Look at GTA V. We could've gotten story expansions, but because they made millions off online, they cancelled any content coming to SP. same is probably going to happen to RDR2)

    You can look at it that way, the way i see it, is it has had 5 years of constant updates. Yes a lot of it has to be grinded for, but all the gametypes they have added are free. Anyway i think Rockstar have a scummy p2w model in their games anyway.

    This post is about cosmetic microtransactions in Black Ops 4. So what do you take issue with? The fact that they still do DLC?

    Yes, why would i want red dots, taken from the game and sold to me, if there was no benefit for me? Im fine with it, if the benefit is free content updates.

    My point is that there's plenty of games with DLC and microtransactions. It's business. It's easier to make money off of microtransactions than DLC, which is why the games as a service thing is starting to take shape.

    and my point is that the best Games as a service offer all their content for free, to anyone with the base game (Overwatch, GTA, Warframe, Neverwinter) Future games like Anthem, The division.

    [–] Activision Is Now Charging $2 For A Reticle In Black Ops 4. This Just Shows How Much They Care About The Community And How Little Respect They Have For Us. zrkillerbush 2 points ago in xboxone

    The thing is, you just proved my point. Even fucking EA have moved on from the model of having DLC and microtransactions.

    MOST GAMES THAT HAVE MICROTRANSACTIONS DON'T HAVE PAID DLC anymore. Yes games in the past have, but as i said, even the most anti consumer companies have removed season pass in place of this.

    My point is i have no problem with cosmetic only microtransactions, but that's because they usually offer the consumer a benefit elsewhere (non paid DLC).

    Also all content updates for Fortnite are free, so that doesn't make any sense, both for the paid PVE and the free PVP

    [–] [BFV] So to be clear, we are not allowed to post videos of guys spinning and killing because it is "witch hunting" now? zrkillerbush 2 points ago in Battlefield

    You claim ALL critism. I've been paying attention and everytime i come to this sub, i see at least 1 post on the front page criticising the game.

    Don't try and make out this sub is suppressing your right to criticise.

    Most of the post i see removed are ones about women or some crap about DICE pandering to SJWs.

    [–] Activision Is Now Charging $2 For A Reticle In Black Ops 4. This Just Shows How Much They Care About The Community And How Little Respect They Have For Us. zrkillerbush 1 points ago in xboxone

    The harm is that this is just a net negative for the consumer

    Almost every other game has added microtransactions in place of paid DLC, so most people actually save money, but black ops 4 has microtransactions and a season pass

    [–] Unpopular opinion thread zrkillerbush 0 points ago in lcfc

    Silva has been absolutely awful for us

    [–] Remember when people got excited over this in 2013? zrkillerbush 3 points ago in xboxone

    And now people lose their shit over a horse's bollocks getting smaller when its cold

    [–] 'Gears of War' Helped Make 'Uncharted' The Game It Was, Claims Developer zrkillerbush 25 points ago in xboxone

    Lol, Halo is still a system seller, people still love Halo, its just not as loved as it once was.

    Halo is the only reason im still with Xbox really, oh and the Forza Horizon series

    [–] 'Too much power in that dressing room' - Jamie Carragher launches defence of Leicester City manager Claude Puel zrkillerbush 11 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in lcfc

    Fucking hell, here we go with this bullshit again.

    Can't wait to hear all the snake comments about our players in the next few months.

    Where does this shit come from? The only people pushing for Puel to be sacked are some of our fans, the media constantly mentioning it and some Southampton fans.

    Some pundits have a hard time comprehending how damaging relegation would have been, but we should have just been happy with the title win and go back down to where we "belong".

    Anyone that didn't agree with Ranieri being sacked were thinking with their heart and not their heads. They saw a sweet old guy losing his job that he loved (btw he got paid millions in compensation) and the fans saw their team going down. It took 10 years for us to get back last time we went down

    [–] Replay of Bellerin's knee snapping. zrkillerbush 2 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in soccer

    Someone gave him silver 😂

    X3 silver now😂

    [–] PSG 8-0 Guingamp - Kylian Mbappe 80' zrkillerbush 31 points ago in soccer

    Neymar to score for the triple hat trick

    [–] Roma 2-[2] Torino - Cristian Ansaldi 67' zrkillerbush 6 points ago in soccer

    Sarri is wrong again. Another 2 goal comeback

    [–] Wolverhampton Wanderers [4]:3 Leicester City - Diogo Jota 90+3' (hattrick) zrkillerbush 4 points ago in soccer

    Morgan and Evans have been a good partnership this season.

    Soyuncu has looked poor, not sure if hes still learning the language, as he had trouble at the start