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    [–] Been enjoying CODBLOPS, but damn it makes me hype for BFV zrkillerbush 7 points ago in Battlefield

    This is what stops me from buying CoD games nowadays, i simply don't have the reaction time to compete, unless i concentrate and focus.

    Its also always stressful, even when you are doing good, you always have to be on edge, try to sit back and relax and you're at a big disadvantage as you're not alert.

    [–] Chris Avellone criticises Obsidian for selling to Microsoft zrkillerbush 8 points ago in Games

    I prefer Halo 3 and Reach, but i definitely hold Halo 5 in high regard, because of its multiplayer, forge and custom games.

    [–] Chris Avellone criticises Obsidian for selling to Microsoft zrkillerbush 26 points ago in Games

    Forza Horizon 4, Forza Motorsport 7 and Sea of Thieves dont have microtransactions (SoT will have them in the future, unless they decide otherwise like FH7).

    The reason why Microsoft exclusives have microtransactions is because they are all mostly multiplayer focused, where its acceptable to have them as cosmetic only, if future DLC is free to everyone. But as i mentioned, most of the recent ones dont have microtransactions.

    [–] Battlefield V - Official Single Player Trailer zrkillerbush 1 points ago in Battlefield

    My point is, is that when you add microtransactions, that is a extra revenue stream to support future content for free, scummy that Activision have not adopted the system almost every other multiplayer game is doing, regardless of the quality of the game.

    Also /r/BattlefieldV is more active for BFV.

    [–] Battlefield V - Official Single Player Trailer zrkillerbush 3 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in Battlefield

    People left for a game that has microtransactions but didnt switch to the free dlc model. good for them.

    I think its insulting the lack of outrage that CoD still has paid DLC and is a full priced game with microtransactions. (also with no campaign, although more zombie maps makes up for that)

    EDIT: seems some of those zombie maps are locked behind the season pass too.

    [–] Fortnite cheat YouTuber sued by Epic Games zrkillerbush 47 points ago in Games

    He actually makes profit of these cheats, that goes above and beyond just cheating.

    He also runs a website where he sells cheats, such as automatic aiming, for more than $200 (£150).

    [–] Ceballos dive against England zrkillerbush 44 points ago in soccer

    63% upvoted, why?

    This is a blatant dive. it's embarrassing.

    [–] Battlefield V Single Player Revealed Tommorow! zrkillerbush 11 points ago in xboxone

    Its also bullshit that CoD also has microtransactions but all dlc isn't free.

    [–] Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Has Not Had Any Impact on PUBG’s Player Base on Steam zrkillerbush 8 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago) in Games

    Surely this is where the biggest drop would be?

    COD will be at its peak in the first week and around Christmas.

    Tbh im expecting this article to be downvoted, this sub has a hatred for PUBG and was hoping CoD would kill it.

    Also Fortnite is a different situation. People didn't know about Fortnite, so its popularity grew over time. Every gamer knows about CoD. It's biggest week (sales wise) will be this week.

    [–] Reported PSN exploit zrkillerbush 4 points ago in Games

    I must be thinking of the date glitch on iPhone, where if you set the date/time far enough back, it would mess up the code and fail to boot (or something like that)

    [–] Reported PSN exploit zrkillerbush 6 points ago in Games

    I think i remember Tom Scott making a video about it.

    [–] Report: Black Ops 4 to get new 'Supply Stream' system to unlock gear as you progress through tiers | Charlie INTEL zrkillerbush 10 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago) in Games

    Weapon Variants

    Seeming as Battle Pass owners get the first 10 tiers instantly doesn't this kind of make it pay2win? Even if these variants aren't better/worse, having more choice still gives someone an advantage.

    Unless weapon variants are just cosmetic

    All completely cosmetic