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    [–] This is the only way for Salah´s Egypt to pass the groups stage. zrkillerbush 2 points ago in soccer

    He could get a job as an English pundit.

    He wasn't even playing against Uruguay, but i saw more Salah than actual football.

    [–] Polygon - Microsoft all but ignored its biggest advantages against Sony at E3 zrkillerbush 2 points ago in Games

    Have you seen how good Halo , Gears and Forza look on it, they are doing a very good job of hitting 60fps/4k native across almost all gamemodes in them games.

    [–] Fallout 76's Public Beta Will Start on Xbox One Before Other Platforms zrkillerbush 12 points ago in Games

    I mean a beta coming a few days early is hardly going to hurt anyone.

    Compare this to Monster Hunter world, they didn't have a beta on Xbox, matchmaking was broken for a week after launch. i could only play with people who i invited, searching didn't work.

    [–] Halo Infinite: Voice Actor of Master Chief Set To Return zrkillerbush 2 points ago in Games

    Lol, the next Halo will come to PC, so using that piece of information, how have your hopes not gone up?

    [–] Today I deleted my club and hopefully got back my life zrkillerbush 4 points ago in FIFA

    I see it all the time on r/games. Like dude, we are in a golden age of gaming, where if you hate something, you can just avoid it because there are literally thousands of games coming out each year.

    [–] Games leaving Game Pass June 30th zrkillerbush 7 points ago in xboxone

    And the Division, I've just recently started playing after a 12 month break. Game has had a big overhaul.

    [–] Shinji Okazaki injures calf, most likely unable to play (Japanese article) zrkillerbush 3 points ago in soccer

    He's been injured a lot this season for us, is this the same recurring injury?

    We still haven't found a strike partner that complements Vardy like Okazaki does, hes one of a kind. Hopefully he can get past this string of injuries and play a few more years for club and country.

    [–] France [2]-1 Australia - Aziz Behich OG 80' zrkillerbush 18 points ago in soccer

    Mooy has still outplayed him, a lucky goal doesn't change that