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    [–] FBI will not launch criminal investigation into Kavanaugh allegations: sources zsreport 1 points ago in politics

    This. Feds wouldn't have jurisdiction for a "criminal" investigation, plus statute would of run out already. But FBI could easily reopen its background check and do a due diligence investigation into the allegations.

    [–] Austin man behind 3D-printed gun company charged with child sex assault zsreport 0 points ago in texas

    Guys always get screwed in these things

    Tell that to all the female teachers who keep getting busted for statutory rape.

    [–] Some gun-toting Texans embrace Democrat's call for tougher firearm laws [Beto O’Rourke] zsreport 2 points ago in texas

    I have a .357 and a 12 gauge and I support Beto, also, apparently, I have better aim than you do.

    [–] Trump Again Slams Jeff Sessions: 'I Don't Have An Attorney General' zsreport 1 points ago in politics

    Attorney General Jeff Sessions' future was cast further into doubt on Wednesday after President Trump made clear how broad his displeasure is with the man he tapped to lead the Department of Justice.

    "I don't have an attorney general," Trump told Hill.TV in an interview on Tuesday.

    [–] Water, the American President Explained, Is Wet zsreport 7 points ago in worldpolitics

    The American president just explained that water is wet. This ought to go down with his Oval Office address from the lead-up to the storm, in which he suggested Hurricane Florence would be "tremendously big and tremendously wet."

    [–] Government Report Shows Border Wall Designs Can Be Broken zsreport 1 points ago in worldpolitics

    The heavily-redacted government documents reveal every mock-up was deemed vulnerable to at least one breaching technique. The report, obtained by KPBS through a Freedom of Information Act request filed in January, shows the final results of tactical teams trying to breach or scale the prototypes and mock-ups of the wall. During testing, the teams who observed the damage caused by one breaching technique decided to postpone it on other mock-ups. The technique’s nature was redacted.

    [–] Book recommendation zsreport 2 points ago in wolves

    Anything by L. David Mech, such as "The Wolf: The Ecology and Behavior of an Endangered Species" and "Wolves: Behavior, Ecology, and Conservation"