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    [–] Perfect strangers zsreport 2 points ago in GenX

    Love This

    [–] For many COVID-19 patients, ‘recovered’ doesn’t mean the fight is over zsreport 4 points ago in Coronavirus

    Yep, I have no interest in getting it and I think the uninformed attitude of so many non-maskers is scary.

    [–] Anyone remember the old standby wire hanger tv antenna? zsreport 2 points ago in GenX

    My dad installed a giant antenna in our attic, had no trouble getting the local channels

    [–] Some Texas school districts don’t want to show Biden’s inauguration live to students zsreport 3 points ago in TexasPolitics

    With the kind of security established, including Secret Service snipers and counter-assault teams, I highly doubt that’s a concern. And speaking of USSS, they’re in charge tomorrow, not Capitol Police or Park Police.

    I was in my middle school cafeteria when I heard about the Challenger explosion. I know a TV was set up in the library, not sure how many classrooms had them.

    [–] Apologies to Gen X, but I have no idea what you all watch [OC] zsreport 4 points ago in GenX

    I watch well written shows with developed characters and guilty pleasures.