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    [–] Help error code NP-37602-8 zuzg 1 points ago in PS4

    Only response so far. Otherwise I noticed that I get less commercial breaks since I'm using without signed in.

    [–] This was a concept design for Baby Yoda. They dodged a bullet. zuzg 3 points ago in TheMandalorianTV

    I think it's a rip off, there are also some knitted ones and even really cheap looking 3D printed one in his little flying thingi.

    [–] Meanwhile in Brussels, Belgium... zuzg 20 points ago in europe

    I really love it and definitely need one of those, would choose different herbs though.

    [–] Chancellor Hama zuzg 10 points ago in TheLastAirbender

    It's true all of it

    [–] 10 digits fit perfectly together! zuzg 10 points ago in oddlysatisfying

    Probably just memorized the order.


    [–] Filming because...? zuzg 2 points ago in scriptedasiangifs

    Seems like we found a Karen

    [–] NOT THE YEAR FOR THIS zuzg 34 points ago in tumblr

    To be fair, said cave was discovered back in 1986 and the article is more a summary on the discovery. It's called the movile cave

    What's cool about the cave is that the air inside was is poisonous and the creatures adapted

    The location also is home to a unique ecosystem that utilizes the toxic gases in the cave. In order for the many types of bacteria to eat, they have to use a process called chemosynthesis. Similar to the photosynthesis process that plants use on the surface, this method uses toxic gas instead of sunlight. Chemosynthesis allows organisms to create energy via chemical reactions to help generate food.

    from article mentioned

    [–] Gotta get those tweets out before they start banning free speech zuzg 598 points ago in HighQualityGifs

    Oh, they hate me

    They should get a life.

    My favorite part about it.

    [–] What each of the Greendale Seven's Reddit activity would look like zuzg 27 points ago in community

    But I somehow get the feeling that pierce would be in more nsfw subreddits, found with Starburns or Leonhards help.

    [–] Death Stranding Was a Sales Success, Recent Kojima Project 'Fell Through' zuzg 2 points ago in PS4

    Got it for 30 € on ebay, spend about 80-90 hours to finish it and enjoyed most of it. If you like games that give you a "different" experience and you don't mind watching hours of cut scenes, I highly recommend playing it.

    [–] gatekeepers suck. been watching since it was airing but the more the merrier! 🍵❤️ zuzg 2 points ago in TheLastAirbender

    Ah thanks, I was curious how kids like it.

    I just watched recently for the first time and think it got a lot of unnecessary hate. But I also think the sequel trilogy should had his own clone wars series between to give the characters more development.

    Otherwise i liked it, I also liked solo.

    [–] This was their plan all along zuzg 35 points ago in Eldenring

    Or I could bonk you over the head until you get amnesia, so you can replay all previous games like the first time.

    Would definitely be a weird experience as muscle memory is not affected by amnesia.... Quite a pickle

    [–] Going the distance zuzg 363 points ago in tumblr

    I am from Germany and the next French city is exactly 2 hours and 57 minutes away. And yes, I've never been there.

    [–] me_irl zuzg 1 points ago in me_irl

    In this age I made the decision to randomly delete .DLL files in a system directory. I dunno why I did it but yeah the computer was dead afterwards

    [–] Just no zuzg 1 points ago in comedyhomicide

    But the commercial was pretty dope though

    [–] Go slower and faster zuzg 1 points ago in Damnthatsinteresting

    Probably a reaction video but a really shitty one, he isn't even trying to do the trick

    [–] The long-rumoured 8GB Raspberry Pi 4 is now available, priced at just $75 zuzg 1 points ago in technology

    Does this version deals better with streams? The older versions had problems with netflix, YouTube and stuff if I remember it correctly

    [–] Pupper chose wrong zuzg 1 points ago in WatchDogsWoofInside

    Especially without sound. Look at me is a very common and Easy to train command